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Are you sure those rugs aren't just laying out to dry in the last picture? But seriously, I love rugs on porches and those recycled plastic woven rugs you can buy for that purpose are nice.

Rugs on the Porch
4/7/11 09:43 AM

beautiful and respectful. i really want to see more comfy furniture need that wood stove though :-) that way i could imagine myself there.

Toni and Rick's Serenity in Stone
Green Tour

4/1/11 01:45 PM

Um... #2 - I would worry more about sleeping with exposed insulation than what my headboard choice might be. I have seen it all now.

How's It Hangin': Tapestry Headboards
3/31/11 10:50 AM

I haven't tried it yet but plan on getting the Zetalux warm (they make a cold and a warm). It is an LED which is the most efficent and earth friendly and doesn't have a warm-up time like CFLs which is endlessly annoying. Plus you can get it in a warm light, which I also prefer. It looks like they are cheapest here - they apparently last for 10 years +.

Recommend The Best Non-Incandescent Light Bulbs?
Good Questions

3/24/11 11:25 AM

I would say neutral but with some texture to add interest - maybe a nubby type material that has a few subtle colors woven in in your color scheme.

Window Panels To Match My CB2 Rug?
Good Questions

3/16/11 11:52 AM

I'm sure this will be great when completed and I love seeing before and after tours but "during" tours??? Why?

Katherine's Meticulous Work in Progress
House Tour

3/9/11 04:37 PM

Yes, why is furniture made from trash scraps sooo expensive?? If they were doing something amazing with it then maybe it could be justified but it is always so chunky. The idea is being very overdone by furniture makers with little skill. I want to see something salvaged that doesn't necessarily look like something salvaged.

Reclaimed Authentic Manhattan Timber: Made of New York
2/17/11 01:48 PM

Thanks for the radiator cover link. I have never thought about extending one onto a bookcase.

Before & After: Stage One of Liz & Chris' "Transitional" Renovation
2/17/11 01:34 PM

Love it. Great collection of sculpture. The only negative I thought was that the walls would look better with color but that is just a personal preference. I also think that some beautiful old handmade tribal style rugs would even make it better.

John's Artful Wicker Park Duplex
House Tour

2/17/11 01:28 PM

I know someone who took photos of flowers, edited them a bit on the computer and had them enlarged so that they became abstract images. They then put them in large IKEA frames which you can get for $20-$25. So you can end up with a large piece of original art for about $40. It looks like you need a couple of large pieces to fill the space.

How To Decorate Bare Bedroom Walls?
Good Questions

2/17/11 01:19 PM

I think this is a great start and the backsplash will look great with some very modern flat front cabinets in white when you can afford it. And then of course the floor. With just those things you will be there. I agree, kudos to you for keeping much of what was there in way of appliances and not just trashing them.

Before & After: Dated Kitchen Transformation
2/15/11 05:35 PM

I agree with the eat in the dining room comments and also update the dr with a modern chandelier like a le klint pendant and just add a few more modern objects. I would do that regardless. I personally hate it when you can see a kitchen from a living space. I want to not see ot think about it when I'm not in it. But, you seem to want to do this so do it right if you are going to. Good luck.

Merging a Modern Kitchen with Traditional Dining Room
2/11/11 10:33 AM

If plows had to worry about wrecking everyone's sidewalk shoveling jobs how would they ever get the roads cleared? This is just one of these you have to deal with.

Snow Removal Etiquitte
2/4/11 11:19 AM

I haven't been there but it reminds me of Gracious Home in NYC. They have all sorts of hardware and are a combo of hardwear store, appliance store and home decoration store. Tons of knobs and radiator covers as screws and things and then also things like mailboxes, curtain rods and kitchen appliances and cleaning supplies. They also have georgeous sheets, some rugs and lamps and things. Very pricy but good quality items and a good selection and some very unique things and also the most basic things needed to run a home.

The Best Home Project Store in the World? BHV!
1/26/11 05:18 PM