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Somewhere along the line I stopped reading the comments, so pardon if this has been said already. The main reason why pod coffee tastes like crap is it is pre-ground coffee. The main thing you can do to have the best cup of coffee is to buy an awesome grinder and grind fresh everyday no matter what type of method you use to brew. That, and hella waste from pods.

Should I Buy a Coffee Pod Machine or a Drip Coffee Maker? Good Questions
9/24/13 12:32 PM

On the 4th we made s'mores with the caramel/dark chocolate squares and with PB cups. Simple twists on the original. Some of these look good, some look like a bit of overkill. BUT! I think I would love them anyway :)

12 Creative S'mores for a Party Gatherings from The Kitchn
8/1/13 04:10 AM

Anything chocolate! So, mousse :)

Enter to Win a Copy of Bakeless Sweets by Faith Durand! Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/9/13 02:56 PM

The independent (and sadly now defunct) kitchen store I used to manage in WA state used these as our overhead display racks, as well as selling them. They are fantastic quality and really easy to assemble. They have a huge selection of sizes and materials to suit every style and kitchen, from single bar wall racks to large, beautiful overhead hanging racks. I can't tout their beauty and form enough.

Enclume: Gourmet Hanging Metal Pot Racks Made in the US Store Profile
5/6/13 03:27 PM

Gah. Typo. "buy what you need"

Should I Buy Knives Separately or Together in a Block? Good Questions
4/8/13 12:58 PM

Agree with all of the "but what you need comments." I used to sell knives and had to explain this rationale on a daily basis: blocks are put together with no regards to what *your* individual needs will be. Do you chop a lot of veggies or slice more meat? Do you do a lot of small, delicate carving for decorative pieces or are you just looking to make a rough chop?

Your main needs are: a french (otherwise known as a chef) knife, a paring knife, possibly a decent serrated knife, and a honing tool. But the best knives for you though, if you need a nice slicing knife, get one. Few of my knives match by brand or style because I purchased them based on how they felt in my hand and my purpose for using them. My french knife is a high-end Japanese knife, my slicing knife is a $12 use it once a year sort of thing, my paring knives (two lengths) and my bread knife are beautiful German knives, you get the point.

Go to the store, touch them, feel them, pretend to chop with them. Figure out what is best for you, the end user. And if you think you should buy cheap, forget it. They'll wear and rust and will have to be replaced. A good knife should be built to last, but it may be expensive.

Should I Buy Knives Separately or Together in a Block? Good Questions
4/8/13 12:58 PM

I always thought those rings were just for use in the store to keep sets together and force customers to buy more cups than they actually need, I've never kept them on at home...kind of like the tags on pillows and mattresses. They serve a purpose in the retail setting, but once in use are just annoyances to be removed.

Quick Tip: Separate Your Measuring Cups
3/25/13 01:41 PM

I do this with all of my alcohol, not just gin. I have the mixing ones, which tend to be something milder, blended, less expensive, etc. and the "real" drinking ones, which means I don't mix it, add ice, etc. This was something my dad did too, especially because we're a whisky drinking duo :)

Why British Gin Makes a Better Cocktail
2/19/13 02:24 PM

It's been mentioned by a few people, but I'll say it again: I don't enjoy the texture of the bruised portion, so I bake, blend, or otherwise use it in another medium. But it doesn't get tossed unless it's moldy or truly gone bad.

Is Bruised Fruit As Good For You?
1/29/13 07:52 PM

I have many of these and they are both beautiful and functional. I buy one piece for myself on major occasions because they can be expensive if purchased all at once :P

Win: RÖSLE Gift Pack Holiday Giveaway
12/11/12 03:15 PM

I have the nested mixing bowl set and have loved them for years. So durable and still so clear. Love Duralex!

Win: Duralex Gift Pack Holiday Giveaway
11/29/12 02:18 PM

I love Q! I initially found the cola and loved it, then the store where I purchased the cola got the other varieties and I love, love, love, the ginger. When we were in Australia I drank ginger beer constantly and while at a wedding in the UK we drank ginger and Pimm' yeah, this is right up my alley. And while I'm a huge fan of *all* varieties of whiskey, I've never tried it with ginger. Next on my to do list!

Perfect for Pizza Night: Jameson and Ginger Cocktail Recipe The 10-Minute Happy Hour
10/14/12 01:25 AM

I have some Envirosax, RuMe, Baggu, and Flip & Tumble bags. My favorites (for its handles and its storage convenience) are the Flip & Tumble bags cause they roll up into a wee ball, have a single comfortable shoulder strap, and a few sizes. Baggu makes wee bags that are awesome, but they have a separate packet to slip the folded bag into for storage which is slightly inconvenient. The Envirosax I've had the longest and stand up pretty well to abuse, they also roll up nicely as mentioned by others and their kids bags are not much smaller than standard size and have the *best* designs. The RuMe for awhile were the only bags that came in a small enough sizes for quick three item trips to the grocery have gussets and can sometimes make folding a pain in the butt. Still excellent, but actually my least favorite.

Can You Help Me Find Better Reusable Grocery Bags? Good Questions
9/1/12 09:19 PM

LITLQT1108 already made the important point about milk intolerances and allergies...they are NOT all the same. And the editor did not say goat milk is always better, s/he suggested it as a *possible* alternative. Vitriol on the internet is why I frequently don't read comments. I forgot myself on this post and now will go back to ignoring the angry seething masses.

What Are Some Good Substitutes for Coconut in My Cooking? Good Questions
8/29/12 05:49 PM

While I've never used it, people always talk about Tramontina being a fantastic set of cookware. I don't recommend sets of cookware because inevitably you end up with stuff you don't want/need. Buy the best pieces for the purpose you need and if you treat it well you shouldn't have to replace it. I have saved up money on a number of occasions and have waited for sales so I can buy a single pot/pan...and I value each piece of Viking, Emile Henry, and Le Creuset I have.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to All-Clad Cookware?Product & Shopping Questions
4/27/12 01:37 PM

Unsalted on hand for baking. Kerrygold for pure awesomeness. Salted, whipped on hand for potatoes and toast...and currently matzoh. It just spreads better :P

Salted or Unsalted Butter: Which One? Reader Survey
4/11/12 01:28 AM

I used to manage a kitchenwares store and I always coveted, but never bought, a cast iron lasagna pan. We had two brands, Batali and Le Creuset, and the Batali was by far the heavier of the two. Not sure why that is really. Seriously, all the Batali cast iron is heavier, but is it ever awesome (I have a few other pieces). And if you're really looking for a lighter lasagna pan that is freakishly non-stick and an even cooker go for the Emile Henry stoneware. The stuff is magic. No joke!

The 13-Pound Lasagna Pan: When Is a Heavy Pan Too Heavy?
3/21/12 09:21 PM

I picked up some Yellow Gum Tree honey while in Australia (it's all gone now and I has a sad). It was wonderful and complex, almost smokey and suited to adding depth to sweet recipes by adding a bit of a savory component. I miss it.

Baking With Honey: Which Variety to Choose?
2/29/12 12:55 AM

Emile Henry. Always and forever. I have pie dishes, rectangles, squares, oblongs, mixing bowls, ramekins, mini sauce cups, etc...I love the cold to hot ability, the lovely colors, and the easy clean-up!

Baker's Tip: Choosing the Right Pie Dish
2/23/12 11:08 PM

My pints are rim down on a lined shelf. My wine and other "fine" glasses are stored rim up to reduce the possibility of damage. My coffee mugs are stacked however they are most stable (some are short and squat, others are tall and narrow, some have feet). And anything else is squeezed into the space left over however they fit, rim up or rim space is at a premium :P

Stacking Glasses: Face Up or Face Down?
2/8/12 01:56 AM