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I have one friend that will floss her teeth after she is the table...even at restaurants. And another who will wipe her nose vigorously at the table after a meal...both hands in the nostrils. With those obvious no-no’s listed, I agree with eating with your mouth closed, no electronics, and waiting until everyone is served.

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11/8/11 11:01 AM

My bed.... Saved an entire year for it!

Biggest Indulgences: What Did You Pay Full Price For?
5/24/11 01:59 PM

@ Lauren252

The easiest solution would be to try a white duvet cover....the look you want and you can keep it crisp and white easier :-)

7 Tips for Creating a Cozy, Calming Bedroom
3/2/11 04:17 PM

Name: Young House Love

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1/20/11 10:23 AM