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I also love lemon balm, and it can be used to treat all sorts of ailments. But my favorite plant is daphne odora, which is incredibly fragrant and wonderful in the spring. Nothing better than having one of those plants right outside your front door to perk you up when you leave the house. There's an evergreen bush I also really like, I think it's called sarcaccoca (sp?). It has lovely little leaves, does well in the shade, and has fragrant blooms in the wintertime.

5 Fragrant Plants for a Small Space
4/19/12 08:05 AM

When I was a kid, I took over a tiny closet under the stairs, adding in a reading light, cushions, paintings on the walls, etc. I often tried to sleep in there, despite the fact that it was far shorter than I was, and I inevitably woke up sore all over. A couple times, I even crammed in there with a friend for a sleepover. So personally, I would have been all for it as a kid.

Is it OK for Kids to Sleep in the Closet?
3/29/12 04:39 PM

My current roommates are great, and I probably deserve to be subjected to passive aggressive notes every now and again re cleaning, but it has yet to happen. One of my past roommates however, was a nightmare. She ate much of my food without contributing, and would do things like eat all but one bite of my ice cream, then put the container back in the fridge. She would make food and leave it sitting on the stove for days, just reheating the contents of the pots, and never actually refrigerating it. We were swarmed by fruit flies because she continually left cut fruit sitting unwrapped on the counter. She was tiny, and instead of bundling up at night, kept warm by cranking our heat up above 80 degrees. In response, she claimed she couldn't afford to buy a blanket. She conveniently didn't want to borrow one, and would come home with 500 bucks worth of clothes at a time. So glad I'm done with that!

Group Living Isn't Easy: A Gallery of Snarky Notes and Post-Its
2/16/12 01:31 AM

I feel completely neurotic when correcting my roommate's dishwasher loading technique. Bowls have to be facing down, at least at a 45 degree angle in order to get clean. Cutlery in the dishwasher makes for dull and banged up blades. Dishwashers will scratch off the marks on glass measuring cups. No cast iron pans. I thought this was all basic knowledge, but my experiences with 5 different roommates seems to suggest otherwise.

Dishwasher Wars: What Are Your Loading Rules?
2/16/12 01:15 AM