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I do this ALL the time for me and my boyfriend.

I will cook up a bunch of soups and stews to freeze into individual containers and then we can pull out the food for lunches. It saves time in the morning and then we rarely need to worry about buying a lunch because we have healthy and delicious food on hand.

My only suggestion is to label your containers with what is in it! i don't -- so it is kinda like lunch surprise sometimes. One time I was looking forward to a nice lentil soup but it was split pea!

An Introduction to Freezer Cooking: How Freezer Cooking Can Save Money & Time
8/26/13 10:30 PM

Gluten-free substitutes have come a LONG way from when my family was first diagnosed (early 1990's). Gluten-free pasta is amazing (and very few people can tell the difference), breads are slowly but surely coming along (white bread is here!).

As a busy university student that works as well, salads are my mainstay with loads of toppings. I usually eat just a salad from home with homemade dressing (careful, dressing can contain gluten as binders).

Leftovers or soups are also a go-to for me -- but that depends on whether or not you have access to a microwave.

Suggestions for Satisfying & Portable Gluten-Free Lunches?Recipe Questions
4/10/12 06:27 PM


I used to hate even the smell of it, but one day when used as a topping to a baked sweet potato-- i just loved it! cannot get enough of it now.

Do You Have a Vegetable Conversion Story?
10/4/11 05:29 PM

Heart. For years, I unsuccesfully lived in a city that "would give me lots of (work) experience". The only experience that I got was to realize I was not happy there and I wanted to live where my heart was.

So I moved. Happily. And now, I am happier than ever because I know this is home.

Head Vs. Heart: My New City Hunting Challenge
8/3/11 05:10 PM

Size doesn't matter - layout and function does! I have lived in a 390 square foot apartment with the best layout ever and felt like I was living the high life and I have shared a 2400 square foot house that had the worst layout ever.

How Small Is Too Small? Do You Have a Limit?
4/1/11 10:55 PM