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you forgot to follow up with a nightcap of Liquor 43, aka liquid creme brulee.

Creme Brûlée All Day Long, Please Delicious Links
5/8/14 10:11 PM

Check out http://www.fixyourdrink.com - handy cards to bring with you, no posters necessary!!

How Do I Make That Again? Cocktail Recipe Posters
5/10/12 03:49 PM

Always have liked this one
at 9.99 it can't be beat. Oil regularly, make sure to flip it occasionally. LOVE!

Can You Help Me Find an Oversized Yet Inexpensive Cutting Board?
Product & Shopping Questions

2/28/12 03:54 PM

17$? There's a new dishwasher, curtain, cornice, backsplash, painted cabinets. Even if the paint were free there's no way this cost 17$.

Before & After: $17 Rental Kitchen Makeover

1/27/12 03:47 PM