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Being that my husband has a coffee roasting company, not only do we travel with his fresh beans, but also with our stove-top mocca pot, brown suger AND his hand grinder. It might seem over kill (the set-up does require its own luggage), but it makes all the difference in the world. A hard lesson we learned while traveling one time and couldn't find a decent cup of coffee the entire stay. Of course for a roasting company, that was like the kiss of death.

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6/18/13 12:27 PM

Jddar - I should clarify, as much as I wish we had our own bungalow, its a shared unit and property. We have a neighbor that lives beneath us and two neighbors behind us. So, while that's not a massive apartment complex - I think it qualifies as "shared small space that you try to make awesome".
- Anna

Anna & Jon's Santa Barbara Craftsman Home
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9/29/11 03:41 PM

Thanks for all the lovely compliments!
A couple of notes: the curtains in the bedroom are from ikea eons ago and I haven't found anything like them since, unfortunately.
The blue in the bedroom is a custom color I had ACE mix up for me.
And as for the knives, they are on magnetic strips that are REALLY strong, it take a full tug to get them off - and they are just enough out of the counter reach for any curious paws. However, when we have children, we'll most likely have to re-think that.
And, of course, you're all welcome over for dinner.

Anna & Jon's Santa Barbara Craftsman Home
House Tour

9/29/11 12:06 PM

I just love this room. LOVE. And I don't care what everyone else thinks about the backward book thing - it makes them lovely and restful to look at. Another alternative (which I obsessively did) is to cover the ugly books with brown paper and mark their spines with hand-written titles. This way you have a uniform color look and you have the titles available.
But anyway, I'm having room envy.

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9/22/11 01:55 PM

I would think there are a couple things to consider (besides not offending your MIL):

1. Consider the floor. Unless you are going to change the flooring, I would try to compliment the floor colors. I see gorgeous wood in most the house that is a light brown in tone. I also notice the green/tan check in the kitchen dining room. I don't want to go against what you love, but you might consider painting those two rooms a compliment to the floor (again, unless you are going to change it). I green compliment would be nice in the kitchen. and a tan (yes, neutral, I know - but the floor is a statement) in the dining room. If you are leaving the wood flooring, I would opt for shades that reflect its warmth (colors that are warm vs. cool).

2. Your furniture. Unless you are planning a great big overhaul of your belongings, look at them all carefully and decide what tones you already have. If you have all black painted wood furniture, I would stay away from dark wall colors or very brights true colors (like true red, true green, true yellow) - the rooms may be too strong if you have strong colored furniture and also strong wood colors. Chances are the rooms are smaller and you want to open them up and not make them feel cramped and small - which is what too many strong colors will do.

3. as one post already mentioned, most craftsmen style houses are like open books. Every room can be seen from every other room. Its important, if you want to feel relaxed in your house, to make sure it flows from one room to another. This does not mean all neutrals, but complimenting shades. if you paint your bathroom yellow, for example, perhaps your bedrooms should either be different shades of that same yellow or a shade of green with yellow accents. when I lived in a craftsman house, I painted my dining room deep fall orange. It was amazing. because you could look from the living room through the dining room and into the kitchen, I painted the livingroom a neutral burlap color and accented with orange and the kitchen a pale green and accented with the burlap brown and the orange. It flowed nicely. (sounds hideous, i know).

4. Consider using your strong colors as the accents. You might have the urge to paint each room a different color, but I would suggest you direct that urge to your accents. I would paint all your walls complimenting colors - perhaps even the same color but different shade (one bedroom is dark grey blue, one bed room is a lighter version of the same color). And use your desired color (purple, bright green, yellow, orange, firehouse red) as the accent in that particular room. Throw pillows, throw blankets, light fixtures, paintings, a painted piece of furniture - are all great ways to introduce strong vibrant colors without overpowering the space. It also means if you change your mind later, you don't have to re-paint.

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6/30/11 01:32 PM