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It would be so great to have a washer and dryer that works as well as not having to cross my fingers that the dryer will get hot "this" time.

Win: Washer & Dryer from Amana Holiday Giveaway
12/3/12 12:43 PM

Kimbap was one of those Sunday afternoon meals in our house. It was what ever was left over from the week stuffed in and kim-chee with doenjang jjigae on the side. It is still one of my favorite meals with tons of memories.

Lunch from Leftovers: Make Rice and Seaweed Rolls
3/16/12 05:15 PM

To the post that said that Koreans do not use dried shrimp or fish sauce, I beg to differ and I'm pretty sure my Halmoni would have a word or two about that as well. There are many soups I recall that a fish sauce was used and little dried shrimp can be found in so many dishes from my childhood.

Recipe: Korean-Style Steamed EggsRecipes from The Kitchn
3/15/12 09:23 PM

I make mine in the microwave. I usually cook for 2-3 minutes depending how much I'm making, but the best way because every microwave is different is put it in for minute or so and shake the bowl and if it jiggles like jello, it's ready.

Recipe: Korean-Style Steamed EggsRecipes from The Kitchn
3/9/12 04:29 PM

I have various types of jut ga rak from bamboo or metal, but to make scrambled eggs, in my humble opinion nothing beats a silicone covered whisk. Gentle yet gets the job done quickly and effectively.

Try This! Use Chopsticks to Scramble Eggs
3/6/12 09:09 AM

JAIMEMARIEL about presentation, my mom had two versions. One that look like what you see in the photos and one she made for the family which was mixed up in the kitchen and slapped in a bowl to eat quickly before running off in a million different direction. However, if you spoke with my Grandmother, there are no options. It is presented with the various choices on top (pickled veggies, meat, egg, etc) because the person eating it can chose if to mix in all of it, or select things they do not like or moderate the heat (chogochujang)

Vegetarian Recipe: Korean Dolsot Bibimbap
1/26/12 09:41 AM

The difference between gob dol bap and dolsot is the bowl itself.Gob dol is a crystallized stone that has white, grey and black in the coloring while dolsot is also a stone (sometimes clay) but is not that particular type of stone. I have two gob dol bowls from my mother's side and I have to admit they tend to hold heat longer and seems hotter than the Hmart regular stone/clay versions. But that just could be because I grew up them and have always thought they were special.

Vegetarian Recipe: Korean Dolsot Bibimbap
1/26/12 09:29 AM

When I was young, I worked in a Big Box store and we always used Pledge or furniture polish for stainless steel and plastic. During the "wipe down" at night we had a can and cloth and it worked wonders. And if you are wondering, yes there were tons of fingerprints and lets say lots of other interesting things.

Cheap Trick: Clean Stainless Steel with a $2 Product
12/6/11 03:49 PM

I have seen said chicken and like most assume it was some amazing crazy chicken that was out of my league. Wow..to the person that said facepalm? Double that with me.

Smart Shopping: Find Cheaper Chicken at the Meat Counter
11/7/11 10:11 AM

Not quite sure about the small jar prices but when you go to H-Mart or other large Korean Groceries that make their own kimchi you can get gallon buckets for far less per ounce. And on certain days you can actually see it being made. Personally, I make because I'm so far away from one, but when I was close by I would pick up a bucket on the way home.

Make or Buy? Kimchi
6/17/11 01:19 PM

Wow I should have looked at the ingredients before buying boxes after boxes. I thought all manufacturers were moving away from Palm oil, not only because of what it does but how unhealthy it is.

Girl Scout Cookies in Crumbles: Problems with Palm Oil
The Wall Street Journal

5/23/11 08:23 AM

That is brilliant! I have been fighting fruit flies all spring! Can't wait to do this immediately. Thanks so much @ohwoah

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?
Good Questions

5/17/11 04:08 PM

I plant them in a soil pot and put them in indirect sunlight on my window sill in the kitchen and they literally forever. I just use scissors and snips as I need them. I had to replant a few times due to over watering and the roots getting soft.

The Best Way To Store Scallions
4/25/11 06:53 PM

It's been just a little over a year that we have gone "paperless". I have a roll of shop towels for the truly dirty pet messes. I started using patch work napkins because they hide the stains and are fun and use white towels for kitchen and bathroom so I can wash them with bleach/or alternative stain removers.

Survey: Do You Use Paper or Cloth Napkins at Dinner?
4/18/11 12:36 PM

I don't have a comment on the lemons but the colander in the photo. That is my perfect colander, I have been searching for, with little ball feet. What brand and where can I acquire it?

One Easy Tip to Keep Your Lemons Fresh For a Month
4/18/11 10:32 AM

@nomnom I think we had the same mother. She always made hot spicy soup because she absolutely believe that gochujang would fix any cold or flu.

What Was Your Mom's Home Cure for the Common Cold?
3/21/11 01:57 PM

Right now Harbor Freight has Magnetic Tool Strips for $3 that holds up to 9lbs. They might not look as slick as the one above but for $3 I bought several. They are just black with really strong magnets and holds everything from my knives to my pastry tips.

Kitchen Tools on Display
3/18/11 09:05 PM

@schang as for the terms to describe potstickers, dumplings etc has been so interchanged I don't think there is a direct correlation, because when I ask my Grandma she says the steamed version are called "potstickers" because they stick to pots. At this point, who really knows but a linguist.

Best Way To Bring Potsticker Dumplings To a Party?
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3/10/11 09:26 AM

@bakedatthebeach the lady who brought her potstickers used a deviled egg carrier to transport them, but reheated them at the location, I think she used a microwave.

Best Way To Bring Potsticker Dumplings To a Party?
Good Questions

3/10/11 09:24 AM

I have a multi-stack bamboo steamer that slides into a case which is fantastic, purchased at H-mart. However, I saw someone with a clever idea of using yet another multi-stack but on for deviled eggs and did a quick reheat at the location. Each were perfect and so convenient.

Best Way To Bring Potsticker Dumplings To a Party?
Good Questions

3/9/11 03:47 PM