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The prints above the sofa are a much needed break from the all beige... would've liked to see a bit more of that in other rooms. Otherwise a lovely space!

Candace's Bright and Beautiful California Home House Tour
6/22/14 01:39 PM

I would also suggest a cream colored shag rug... definitely keep it minimal.

Suggestions for a Rug to Go With this Patterned Sofa? Good Questions
6/20/14 05:38 PM

Glad to see she didn't just repaint it... that would have been tempting, I'm sure! Looks great!

Before & After: A Well-Loved Table Gets A Long Awaited Update
5/21/14 11:48 AM

Not loving the color choice but overall it is an improvement.

Before & After: An Ancient Dresser Goes Greek
5/14/14 11:52 AM

Love your home! Where did you get the shag rug in the living room?

Meg & Joe's \"In Full Bloom\" House Tour House Tour
5/1/14 01:18 PM

Not a fan of the baby blue color... And all I can say about the mirror is good luck keeping that clean! I have a mirror behind my stove so I know what I'm talking about :/

Before & After: A Seriously Stylish Kitchen Renovation on a Budget One Kings Lane
4/11/14 02:28 PM

Great job! This is exactly what a restoration should be...

Before & After: MCM Chair Gets an Upholstery Redo
4/11/14 12:44 PM

Not a fan of that fabric... it completely overwhelms the beautiful lines of the chair. BUT I applaud her craftsmanship... nicely done!

Before & After: How Plycraft Met IKEA and Made a Great Chair Baby
2/25/14 01:10 PM