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I might commit some variety of homicide to have access to those cake stands.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Martha Stewart's Prop Room
6/2/08 06:17 PM

I also recommend the Nature's Miracle Carpet Cleaner. It works so well that we now actually have patches of clean carpet in the midst of the grunge. We may just spray the whole floor with it!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How to: Clean Up Pet Vomit From Carpet
5/30/08 03:52 PM

We need this! Especially to help us whip our office/exercise room/study/everything room into shape!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: Autographed AT Presents Book
5/8/08 03:21 PM

Did the house ever sell? What was the final price?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | J.Crew Goes to the Kaufmann House
2/29/08 09:24 AM

I second the Korakia recommendation, and I think that the Moroccan styling of the hotel is very spare and elegant, almost modernist.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Desert Getaways: Where do you go?
1/25/08 05:24 PM

Me like free. Free good.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gift Bag 2007: A Complete IKEA Living Room
12/17/07 03:17 PM