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OK, I am dying to get my hands on a hippo rug now.

A Deliciously Sunny Dining Room Roomarks
7/10/12 09:28 PM

I did this in my kitchen last year and about a month later our microwave was out of commission. I suspect our cabinet didn't have enough ventilation. Since then, we've moved our microwave on top of the fridge, where its off the counter and out of site.

A Microwave in the Cupboard
Kitchen Inspiration

3/7/12 03:24 PM

Amen on the knives and towels!

Home Luxuries: Which Ones Are Worth It?
1/31/11 03:42 PM

I 100% agree with stealthkitten. We have our washer and dryer in our teeny tiny kitchen and I really wish we had a laundry room. I think it's great if you're diligent about keeping up with where laundry goes before/after. When we're not, we usually end up with laundry baskets in the way of our oven and stove.

Inspiration: Washers & Dryers in the Kitchen
1/11/11 10:54 AM