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PS - i have a friend who rents his apartment from a couple who live in africa (?!), and their toilet(s) recently stopped running properly. when they called the person listed as the property maintenance manager, he said he wasn't in charge of maintenance in their building. now they have to wait to get an e-mail (!!!) back from their MIA landlords. hoo boy.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How Long Does Your Landlord Take to Fix Things?
11/27/08 08:56 PM

our new landlord makes me feel like i've died and gone to heaven. since moving in, what, two months ago, we had a closet door that lost a screw and fell off the track, and a leaky bathroom sink pipe, and each time it took them two days tops to send the same little old man to fix it. yeay! they even replaced the old window screens in our apartment without my even complaining.

our last landlord treated us like we were just jerk students who didn't know a leaky pipe from our a**holes. i'm so glad we moved - i was sick of paying thousands of dollars to someone who was treating me like a three-year-old. good riddance!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How Long Does Your Landlord Take to Fix Things?
11/27/08 08:52 PM

i love everything about this apartment - the colors are great, and all the pieces in it are quirky and perfect. and i love that it's in JP! hooray!

Apartment Therapy Boston | East #54: Amanda's Color Instinct
10/16/08 04:14 PM

i like the sherbert-y shade in the kitchen... and yay fairfield, i grew up there!

Apartment Therapy Boston | East #75: Debbie's Japanese Fern
10/16/08 01:11 PM

i heard about the pomegranate the other day, and it sounded amazing... but slightly absurd--turns out it is a silly promo for then nova scotia tourism board. if you click the link on their website that says "release date" it takes you to a short promo vid about how you can get everything you want in one place (or something along those lines) in nova scotia, even if you can never have it in a phone.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Two New Cell Phone Concepts: Great or Strange?
10/15/08 02:50 PM

teal! (and most other blue-ish shades too!)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Target Red Hot Shop Giveaway Package
10/9/08 12:11 PM

when we moved into our last apartment, we discovered two 8-10"ish troll dolls in the freezer. needless to say, they made the move with us to the new apartment last month.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: The Last Tenant's Chairs
9/28/08 08:52 AM

in my last apartment, the light switches were upside down, as were all the wall outlets in the rooms. and, the outlets were super-loose to boot, so plugs would just fall out of them (sometimes just on their own).

i just moved into my new place, and there's a switch by the front door that seems to control... nothing. have been running around plugging things into outlets and testing it, but so far, no dice.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Weird Wiring: Apartment Tales of WTF?!
9/9/08 08:50 AM

i use artists tape to hang stuff on my walls - they sell it at dick blick and michael's and stuff, and it comes in varying widths.

sometimes it takes a bunch of pieces on the back to stick things up, but it doesn't mess up the walls or the stuff you're hanging (usually - i'm sure if you had really thin paper it might rip). but it's good for polaroids!

Apartment Therapy New York | Flickr Find: Polaroid Corner and Unframed Art Boston
8/20/08 05:15 PM

i just did this to my bookcases! it looks great, the edges were a little tough, though. we're moving in a couple weeks so i haven't tested them out with books and such, but i like the color they add to the room already!

Apartment Therapy New York | Inspiration: Painting the Insides of Bookcases Boston
8/16/08 09:47 AM

in my bedroom, six or so at the desk, and in the living room, a rotating group of about 10 things, mostly video game systems, which have two plugs each! wahoo!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd's Thursday Giveaway: Bluelounge CableBox
7/25/08 07:37 AM

gorgeous! i love the color, i've never seen that before!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/10/08 09:48 AM

i have these hooked over the metal security bars on our back deck windows. they're perfect! and they clip on the bars just right!

a , two million thumbs up.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ikea System for the Garden
6/7/08 08:08 PM

we once purchased an old (heavy, metal) movie theater chair at the coolidge corner theater here in boston and brought it home on the T... only coolidge corner is on the C line and we live on the E, so we had to go inbound to arlington, get off, carry the chair up and down the stairs, and go back outbound again. no one really seemed to mind - in fact, some people thought it was funny that we were sitting on it on the train.

Apartment Therapy New York | Moving Furniture via Mass Transit
6/3/08 11:50 AM

Nesser - I have a flip and tumble and I love it! It's very durable, and it is really handy to have the pouch built in. I just carry the little ball around in my backpack - it's always easy to find in there, and carries a good load of groceries and what have you.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Baggu Bags
6/2/08 02:34 AM

if you have pets, though, be careful - from the one's i checked, the majority of the plants listed on this chart are toxic to pets
(which i guess makes sense if they are removing these dangerous chemicals from the air...)!

check them here first:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Plants For Your Health
5/28/08 02:26 PM

the top bar is way too huge, and the ad is super annoying in the corner there. it would be nice if the image were to display right at the top of the page, instead of farther down, so i don't have to scroll down every time i click through to the next photo. (as a force of habit, i usually end up hitting the space bar to scroll down, which brings me to the next page in the slideshow. arg!)

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: How Bad Does Our Gallery Suck?
5/28/08 02:15 PM

i can use it to save... my world... by listening to it and grooving and finally tackling the pile of dishes in my kitchen sink! and the dust bunnies under the couch. and the bathroom i share with two boys! :D

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Eos 100T1RB Wireless Audio System
5/27/08 05:12 AM

dill, definitely. it's my favorite! (and maybe this time i won't kill it/the squirrel who knocks on my back door won't gobble it up!)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Power Plant Mini from Prepara
5/22/08 07:51 PM

the whole space is lovely and relaxing... it looks very welcoming.

i love love love the tv, who makes it? and where can i get my hands on one?

also, what are those leaves on the dining room table?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI House Tour: Glorily and Jeremy's Evolving Wicker Park Victorian
3/20/08 12:53 PM