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Another Oregon. I changed a few of the answers around to see what would change and I got an awful lot of Georgias no matter how I skewed things. Then I got one New Jersey, two Floridas and a New Mexico and a Texas.

Quick Quiz: What's Your \"State\" of Mind?
10/24/13 01:41 AM

I thought the exact same thing about the rain boots! In LA we definitely need them if we're out in the rain, just like anywhere else - it just isn't ongoing enough to keep them out as a decorative object. I can see how it makes sense in other climates.

if we stored all our shoes, coats, scarves, hats, etc. where we walk in we'd need an entry room instead of an entry way. I have a nearby closet filled to the brim and a bench/shelf/hook combo by the door that gets cleared away regularly. It's nice to have somewhere to put stuff down when we walk in but it would get junky fast if we didn't do clutter patrol every day.

Inspiring & Efficient Family Entryways
8/14/13 12:15 AM

We both have crazy, unpredictable schedules. The weekdays are a who-knows of long hours. Without really planning it, he's started taking the kids out Saturday morning and I take them out Sunday mornings. We each get a good stretch of time with the kids AND five hours to ourselves.

We have a sitter every other Saturday night. It's non-negotiable. We need that adult-only time to reconnect and just have fun out in the world without kids. With my first child I didn't think it was that important and I was more concerned with family time, but it's so much better for all of us when the adults get to have an adult life, too!

How To Help Both Parents Get Quality Kid Time at Home
8/11/13 03:09 AM

Most big studies about noise blocking with shrubs show that you need a 20' - 50' wide swath of dense shrubbery or a mix of shrubs and mature trees to have a real impact on noise. It would be great if cities could provide that where they have enough land adjacent to freeways, but it's obviously impossible on a normal residential lot.

If you realy, really want to make any attempt at noise mitigation in a small area you should put in a filled cinderblock wall (don't worry, you can plaster over it to make it pretty) as high as zoning will allow and then add a row of dense hedge (whatever is good for your area, a local garden center will know) to make it seem even more private.

Put in a fountain, but not one of those little trickles that sounds like someone peeing - something with some splash that will make a nice amount of white noise. Outdoor furniture with lots of pillows or cushions can absorb some of the sound waves, too. Reducing hard surfaces can lower decibels quite a bit.

My favorite suggestion for lowering outdoor noise in a yard is to have a cocktail party - music, laughter and clinking glasses seem to help make it all better!

7 Tips for Sane Living on a Busy Street
8/3/13 12:05 AM

We do "Toy Rotation!" too. Which is a negotiated method of having less toys.

Plus I have a rule that one kind of toy can be out in the living room at a time. Those don't have to be put away since we subscribe to the Reggio idea that a kid can have a long-term experience with a project. We also have mostly toys that I don't mind having out. Hardwood blocks are beautiful. A collection of matchbox cars on the ottoman have a certain charm. Since we have the one-toy rule it's easy to clean up if we have to, for some reason.

The bedroom is tidied before bedtime. No long-term projects in there, it's a tiny room that's perfect for reading and sleeping. Anything much else in there would get stepped on.

My other toy-tidying secret is to do a lot of outside play!

How Do You Keep Your Kids' Toys Organized?
8/2/13 11:14 PM

My little guy likes a lot of typical boy things - dinosaurs, robots, bugs, monsters - which are probably over-represented in boy decor items. I designed his room the same way I would design a landscape (which I do regularly) and gave him a good foundation of colors and basic pieces which can support a rotation of items that he loves. His room is gray and dark-tomato-y-orange with some mustardy yellow here and there. We have robot pillows, a monster collection, bug prints. They all "go" because they are more or less in the color scheme.

My favorite thing about his room is that it still feels calm because it isn't a riot of color but the style can accommodate pretty much anything he wants to add in as time goes by.

Alison's Interview: Me, or the Kids? Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/1/13 11:26 PM

I use my middle name, Anne, since I grew up with a "unique" name and hated how it made me seem so odd among all the popular Kellys and Heathers. Now that it's cool to have a funky name it probably isn't such an issue. And maybe I should go back to mine...

Stylish Names for Stylish Families: 100 Baby Name Ideas from Apartment Therapy
7/20/13 06:29 PM

I weighed all my options and went with a cloth diaper service twice a week. Dump the solids, toss the soiled dipes in the bin. The bin they supplied had pockets for baking soda. I did have the benefit of keeping the bin outside, but it never reeked when I opened it. I know that services use water, gas, etc. BUT those are things with possible mitigations unlike landfill issues that are there for a thousand years.

I used disposables, too, especially for going out and about. I had stashes of those waxed airplane vomit bags with the wire tops to close the dirties in if I had to throw them out in a public restroom. Hate going into a ladies that smells like old diapers!

The Dreaded Dirty Diaper Smell...and How To Avoid It
7/2/13 12:34 AM

Hmm - this post popped up when I googled "selling oeuf crib". I have a grey sparrow crib and changing table that my little guy just traded for a big bed. It's in great shape!

I'm in LA, if anyone is interested please reply to this comment. Going to list on CL with photos, too - check it out there!

Sell Cheap or Keep This Oeuf Crib? Good Questions
6/30/13 08:38 PM

I ended up doing a huge amount of planning for my second only because I was on hospital bedrest and had lots of down time. I planned the whole office - nursery reno via the internet and honey-do lists. I just LOVED having a space that was ready and welcoming for me and the new little guy when we finally got home. And I knew full well that the nursery is really a mom/baby hang-out space, so I made it for that and we spent oodles of time there. I'm so glad I wasn't still looking for a lamp or end table months later!

Especially if you already have kids at home you don't want to give up any time after a new baby is born that could better be spent with your older children. Easier to do whatever prep you can while you're pregnant!

The Best Decision I've Made So Far Adventures Of A New Parent
6/17/13 08:28 PM

We have assigned seats mostly for practical reasons. We switch around for breakfast and lunch (which we don't always eat together for scheduling reasons) but at dinner we are in our spots. I put the toddler in the easy-to-sweep spot away from the walls, me nearest to the kitchen and my teenager also near the kitchen since she sets the table and often has to get something she forgot, like serving spoons. My husband gets the innermost spot. We could change it up, but why?

Do You Have Set Seats at Home?
6/12/13 07:45 PM

know that washing blacks alone makes the blacks look better longer, towels need a vinegar rinse in our hard water and dishtowels and rags need a hot water wash or ... yuck. Now that my kids know how to sort the laundry I just do it when the baskets are full.

My daughter does her own hand laundry, especially now that she is so picky about clothes. We hang everything up a bit damp to dry, iron some things and use the steam setting on anything that needs a little help.

Bedding is done once a week, we all have two sets of sheets and just switch them out.

But even though laundry doesn't bother me, I LOVE the idea of a fluff-n-fold service. If there was one in our area I would probably consider it...

Tell Us: The Laundry Nitty Gritty
4/13/13 01:13 AM

We have a teenage girl and a toddler boy, probably the worst combination for laundry-generating times of life. My husband usually does his own, so for the rest of us and the household laundry we have a super-sorter system.

I have six laundry baskets that stack (three and three) for blacks, whites, darks, lights, towels and household. I am not crazy or OCD, though. Honestly. I

Tell Us: The Laundry Nitty Gritty
4/13/13 01:04 AM

Moonrise Kingdom! The sets are practically another character in the story.

Interiors Awards: Which Movie Gets
Your Vote?

1/31/13 02:57 AM

My toddler's room is maybe not quite as sitting-room-y as these are, but it's definitely not a little kid room. His toys are in the living room and we keep his tiny room calm for quiet play, reading and sleeping. It's been a great way to separate from the hectic part of the day and it's really more of a shared space since the majority of the time he is in there by himself he's asleep.

Obviously, when he's older everything will change...

Sophisticated Nurseries: 10 Rooms with Grownup Style
1/29/13 10:47 PM

@ Eve - those chairs are a version of the Emeco Navy chairs. Or maybe a knockoff...

Incorporating Household Chores into Your Other Daily Routines
1/28/13 12:01 AM

We have a bench by the front door and keep the shoes lined up as neatly as we can under it. The daily shoes just live under the bench and the part-time shoes all go in the hall closet. We do have to do a shoe patrol occasionally if too many part-time shoes start accumulating under the bench.

We are shoe-free in the house so it's easier to keep all shoes as near to the door as possible. Fancy heels that I almost never wear stay in labeled boxes on a high shelf in the bedroom closet, of course.

Entryway Kids Shoe Storage: What's Your Solution?
1/20/13 12:16 AM

I would center the fabulous desk and (sorry!) get rid of the file cabinet. I would also hang a magnet/cork board cut to fit the width of the desk, although admttedly I am the type who is strict about keeping those things looking tidy. My daughter has railroad-board painted with magnetic paint that she keeps tacked with cool illustrations she clips from magazines. It looks great and was super-cheap.

Another cheap fast fix would be to paper-tape your power strip to the bottom of the desk, looks less cluttery and costs next to nothing.

I would spend my money on a mid-century-ish swing arm desk lamp in a nice bright color.

If the frame you used for day 6 wasn't too pricey you could do a set of two or four. That could also happen over time. Some brightly colored cups or jars or boxes would look great with those desk dividers. And of course you should definitely hit the thrift stores. Somebody's outboxed items could be exactly what you need!

Alison's January Cure: Week 2 January Cure Diaries
1/18/13 11:34 PM

Fascinating that so many of us have "second wear" clothes but there is no obvious system for keeping these things tidy.

I have a chair wedged into the end of my closet (yay, walk in closet!) that gets draped with once-worn clothes that are waiting for their second go around. It's not a great method, things get covered up by the end of my two-week laundry cycle. But draping keeps the wrinkles down. When the pile gets big I feel like a rug salesman, peeling back the uppermost options and looking at what's beneath.

I have to say, the closet is my bugaboo. I am kind of afraid of opening up that can of worms, but I'll do what I can this weekend!

Liveblogging Day 13: Small Victories
in the Bedroom
Liveblogging the January Cure

1/18/13 10:57 PM

I have probably the oddest reason here to keep most of my books. My house is SO LOUD that I use my book-lined shelves as acoustic paneling. We have stored almost all of our glass-framed art because it makes the echoing even worse, now it's all canvases and rows and rows of hardback books.

Of course, I can probably find a few airplane paperbacks to outbox. There's always something, right?

Liveblogging Day 12: A Sort-Of Book Purge Liveblogging the January Cure
1/17/13 01:11 PM