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This is such a personal and key issue for each of us in our spaces. I'm a big believer in color with accessories and art in a neutral, soothing environment. So much energy can be created just with bold art and accessories, and SO easy to change/switch out as your heart desires without having to do major decor projects or furniture purchases. I mean, just draping a wild, colorful fabric over a chair can transform a space. I don't think this is so much about "fear" but more of what kind of energy embraces you and/or what kind of energy overwhelms you. Completely subjective. : )

Fear No More: 8 Baby Steps to Adding Color in Your Space
3/21/14 08:17 AM

Absolutely agree with all....Go gray with cabinets,and some sleek, simple hardware...& warmer, paler neutral or pure bright white paint on dinette area walls. Let even more light in after burning curtains(!)...maybe use corner cabinet elsewhere and set up eating area with cool table/chairs and pops of big, bright, colorful art. A new ceiling fixture would also help transform the space. This is one of those spaces that could be transformed with very little cost...lucky you!

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3/21/14 08:04 AM