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I had a chalkboard bathroom and it was so much fun -- yielded some pretty bizarre/gorgeous doodles from friends. The only problem with most chalkboard paints is that after a few erasings, the dust is harder to remove. But it's a great experiment.

Decorating Idea: Chalkboard-Painted Bathrooms
2/4/14 04:06 PM

Thanks all! I understand the reaction of "give the guy a break" -- but seriously the amount of salt he uses is gross. He even admits it, but can't seem to stop. I use plenty of (good quality sea salt, not iodized) while cooking and he always reaches for the stuff even before tasting. In that case, I don't want to be the "salt police" and swat it away, so maybe the trial period is a good idea.

Thanks again!

Help! How Can I Help My Boyfriend Kick His Salt Habit? Good Questions
10/19/13 12:10 AM

After a year in a furnished studio, I'm excited to begin the process of furnishing my new apartment. Does anyone have advice on how to approach transportation of pieces? Should I rent a van and drive there, park it, and lug everything to the parking lot? Or will many vendors deliver? Thanks!

The Best Flea Markets in Los Angeles
9/14/13 06:59 PM

These yards are covetable even to most of us living in L.A.!

LA Outdoors: 20 Covetable Yards, Porches & Pools
8/7/13 01:39 AM

What a great concept -- design for your childhood bedroom. So many adults are moving back in with parents, and there isn't enough talk about how to make your old space fit your new life. Last summer I was living in my parents finished basement surrounded by their safari-themed tapestries and other bizarre decor choices. I wanted to revamp, but with it being such a temporary arrangement, i didn't want to stress my mom out. Could be an interesting "series" idea for apartment therapy!

Free Botanical Art Prints for Your Walls
6/4/13 08:09 PM

Thank you so much for sharing this! Perfect.

A Playlist for a Spring Dinner That Stretches Long Into the Night Party Playlists from The Kitchn
5/17/13 03:04 PM

This is assuming everyone hits the table while the bread is still warm. Do you have any thoughts on how to let guests toast their own breads -- otherwise the chocolate won't melt.

I've had make-your-own-panini parties, with the press right on the table, but that seems like a big to-do for something so elegantly simple.

Still, it's a lovely idea and I want to go to there.

A Sweet & Savory Dessert Crostini Bar Recipes from The Kitchn
4/25/13 03:27 AM

I am passionate about margaritas: No sour mix needed! Never ever ever! That stuff will kill you. No agave even needed, if you're using enough orange liqueur.

The Perfect Margarita is simply 2 parts good silver tequila, 1 part orange liqueur, and one part fresh squeezed lime juice. When making margaritas for two, I squeeze one medium lime (before slicing, roll it on the countertop pushing down with the palm of your hand to release as much juice as you can) for about 2 oz of juice. Then add 2 oz orange, and 4 oz tequila. Shake over ice and serve up or on new rocks. Heavenly.

I am a diehard Cointreau fan, but the Citronge is good, if a little sugary. I find the next morning headache comes easily even after just one or two drinks with Citronge. Also, using Cointreau or Citronge or whatever you choose does NOT make this drink an orangey margarita. It just makes it a real margarita.

This is not a margarita to make for a crowd, sadly, although some produce stores do sell fresh bottled lime juice that isn't concentrated or chemical-filled. You need to experiment with proportion if using that stuff, though.

I do like your addition of fresh squeezed orange juice, though. I do that with my frozen margaritas to balance the cloyingness of the frozen limeade.

Well now I know what I'm doing for Friday happy hour... Thanks for the inspiration!

Spring Cocktail Recipe: The Perfect Orange-y Margarita The 10-Minute Happy Hour
4/12/13 05:08 PM

I have roasted a chicken almost every week for the last few years. Tonight, I roasted one Zuni style and I can honestly say I've never had better results. I'm amazed.

I like to roast a chicken for quick taco lunches during the week, so I experimented with seasoning since I was going Zuni. I rubbed the chicken with a salt, pepper, chili powder, lemon zest mix. Stuffed it with lemons and onions and a little garlic. Stuck cilantro in the wings and laid the bird on a bed of onions.

INCREDIBLE. Never going back.

How To Roast a Chicken, Zuni-Style
11/6/12 01:45 AM

It's been said, but those yellow chairs are just...... another level. Beautiful all around.

Emily's Underdog Story Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 12:56 PM

Love it, Mia! Also the couch! You scored with those windows for sure.

Mia's Just the Right Size Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 12:52 PM

Living alone after living with 22 different roommates in ten years is the greatest achievement. I derive intense satisfaction from looking around my place and knowing everything is exactly where I put it, even if it's a mess (which it rarely is, because I don't have to worry about roommates messing it up!). When I run out of toilet paper, I have only me to blame, and won't waste my day stewing about whose turn it was to buy it. And when friends come over it's as if they are visiting the inside of my brain and heart, surrounded by things that I love and that represent me. Sometimes I worry that I will have a hard time adapting to living with a man again!

The Joys and Drawbacks of Living Solo
3/23/12 03:08 PM

Couldn't agree more. I've been renting in various cities for years, and the work I've put in is always worth it. Not only do you improve your life on the day to day, but it's great DIY practice for if/when you own someday. If you have to learn the hard way about paint drips, at least let it be in your crappy rental than on your new home's hardwood floors!

And let's face it, creative types sometimes HAVE to rent for awhile. We would go nuts if we couldn't alter our spaces in the meantime.

5 Things I Never Did To A Rental But Probably Should Have Renters Solutions
3/7/12 01:18 PM

Definitely excellent motivation to move to California. Sunny, relaxed, and creative -- just how I imagine the best version of L.A.

Wendy & Gavin's Bright White Cottage
House Tour

2/16/12 04:20 PM

Yep, local eggs, onions (and garlic -- sort of a package deal for me), and diced tomatoes are on my list. Also quinoa or brown rice and a bag of spinach. If I at least have those five things, I'm set. But I keep some ground turkey, chicken breasts, and homemade chicken stock in the freezer for ease of mind.

My Pantry Essentials: 5 Staples When Cooking for Two
2/16/12 02:01 PM

@Kiana. So true -- hosting a dinner party sometimes leaves you more preoccupied on the meal than on the company!

Tea Time: The Quickest Way To Make a Guest Feel Welcome
2/15/12 12:40 PM

Love that The Kitchn doesn't make its readers feel stupid. The range of skill levels featured in your posts is very accessible, and posts like these are especially relevant to your young-ish readers who might be just starting out in their kitchens. I've been cooking only for a few years, and realized just the other night that, though I can roast a chicken more succulent and layered with flavors than my mom ever could, I mutilate it when it comes time to carve. So thanks for the tutorial!

15 Essential Building Blocks for Quick Weeknight Meals
2/15/12 12:38 PM

I really like how your host offered whatever snacks she had on hand, rather than feel like she had to have the most impressive tea service around. When I think about it, I am always the most charmed by hosts who offer something unusual, like sliced oranges, or homemade chutney with crackers, whatever they happen to have.

Tea Time: The Quickest Way To Make a Guest Feel Welcome
2/10/12 04:28 PM

I found an old, plastic Urban outfitters one that I had stored away with other college dorm stuff, and it was missing so many pieces that I should have thrown it away. Instead, I cleaned it up and straightened the mangled wires, and inspired by the Voliere lamp (which sadly UO later ripped off), I attached multi colored craft birds to the frame where it was missing "crystals"! Now it's a glamorous little aviary over my dining room table.

5 Bright Ideas for DIY Chandeliers Round Up
10/4/11 01:01 PM

Thanks everyone! We're working on a full Tour. @Star Princess: The walls are Mineral by Martha Stewart, but I'm not sure about the trim -- it was there when I moved in, I just scrubbed it to make it shine. @Annie-O: Yes there was a floor plan on the Small, Cool post. Will probably include it in the House Tour because it does kind of make one laugh. @Sam I Am: LOLZ. I did put a bird on the antlers over the mirror -- they are each a symbol of my two grandfathers that I've been repping since before the trend, so I'm hoping to ride it out. I also put birds on the chandelier!

Kiley's Cozily Compact Cape Cod Cottage
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9/21/11 11:16 AM