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greg, that's cause you're a mr.mom mormon moron.

and this post is full of bigotry, my friend! what about for people like me?

cable/satellite/netflix = never had. ever. in fact, the only time I ever had cable was when I was in the dorms my first year in college. tv? movies? I've got millions of torrent seeders to leech from. :X

cell phone service = work loves me to pieces. free new phone(s), free minutes, free data. but then again, it's an electronic leash that my masters can tug on at will.

internet connection = I could cut this if needed, seeing how free google wifi is literally right outside my window. however, I need the bandwidth. I abuse the intardnets way too much for everything, including educational material like porn.

home phone line = unfortunately, I need to have this for my DSL, but I pay a lofty $7.28 taxes/fees = MAYBE $10/month. but if the DSL were to go, I wouldn't need this either.

video game subscription = video games? what are those? ironically, considering the kind of work I do, you would expect me to own consoles and have all sorts of online subscriptions. I've never owned a video game console, nor have I bought a video game (subscribed to online games) to play on my computer.

so the only thing I can think of to cut my expenses at this point, is to stop showering and going to the bathroom at home, and use the showers and bathrooms at work.

oh...I guess I could also water the plants by recycling the water that flows through my glorious body.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Which Home Technology Service Would You Cut First?
6/15/09 03:46 PM

the lonely island comes to mind when looking at this.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Close-Up: Scott's Ultimate Man Cave
4/28/09 04:59 PM

not sure if you noticed, but those pillow spell out FAPs!

so are you supposed to do what it instructs you to do...right into those throw pillows?

*fap fap fap fap fap*

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Decorative Pillows For Graphic Design Nerds
4/27/09 08:01 PM

@bepsf - "Who cares - Another lazy post about nothing that pertains to our homes." you're a trolling hack. if you don't like it, fine, you don't have to like it. you don't even have to comment on it. but to sit there and be a pretentious prick, passing judgment calls on someone else's efforts is unwarranted.

you could have said that you didn't like it for your home. hell, you could have said "that's fucking ugly. I would never have that in my place." even that's ok.

the last time I checked, some people care to see this, some don't. and who are you to speak for others? is there some sort of AT union people can join? are you its elected representative? how much is membership? is there an annual fee?

oh wait...this site is free.

@KTG - you defend bepsf's opinion, from Aaron's opinion, by getting on your little soapbox after you've slobbed the knob/munched the carpet. but you totally miss the passive-aggressive snarky jab that bepsf makes at the author, insinuating that they are lazy.

if you're going to pass judgment, at least be reasonable and objective.

"bepsf has some of the most constructive un-Kool-Aid posts on this blog" if you feel the need to blow digital smoke up bepsf's ass, then do it in private over IM/chat room/email. I'm positive that I'm not the only one who doesn't want to see how much of a brown-nosing enabler you are.

the comment bepsf made was not constructive, nor was it even in the ballpark of edgy and "un-Kool-Aid". it was sophomoric at best.

so what you referenced became a moot point.

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2/25/09 04:03 PM

damn, talk about snarky this morning.

some people just need to find better jobs where they allow you to go on vacation more often, then you might get the exposure necessary to understand such a benign comment. how can you possibly understand what those of us in the 95th percentile (individual income bracket) fully understand? without the benefit of experience, you people can never truly "get it".

vacations are hard to come home from. with all the things that you do, or don't do, and the worldwide traveling...it takes a toll on your energy levels. in fact, I always take a second vacation to recover, after I get home from my vacation.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Quotes: Returning Home From Vacation Los Angeles
2/25/09 02:41 PM

it's too bad that the chair doesn't have an ass crack on the inside part of the chair, the part you sit on. wouldn't that be a bit more comfortable? like wearing a snug fitting thong? each section would be gently cupping each of your ass cheeks, until you sweat so much that you stick to the chair.

the chair actually makes me self-conscious about my own ass, or possible lack of ass.

ok, time to hit the gym.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Fabio Novembre's Him Her Chair
6/5/08 03:00 PM


you don't need to participate in any quizzes which you find tasteless. it's a good thing that most people have minds of their own instead of being drones or lemmings.

let's see if you can follow this.

differing thoughts and opinions are good. the diversity of ideas and the human beings that make up that kind of diversity is good. all these differences generally help people grow and learn about new things, new ideas, and new ways to view things.

it's people like you who are so myopic and shortsighted that you fail to realize that just because people might like/dislike something that is different from yourself, doesn't make them wrong. we're all human, and we all have our preferences. design isn't about what you like vs what I like. it's what it is...and we all have different interests when it comes to design, not just the kind that evokes your typical "warm, fuzzy, cuddly good feelings."

you can stop trying to hijack threads intended for other purposes. this isn't a forum to discuss your personal likes/dislikes/politics. in fact, not discussing things at all is ignorant, stupid, and in-line with how politics works today. I would have expected something more open-minded from you, seeing how you claim to be from san francisco. you disappoint me. this could have been something to expand on...maybe some sort of free-flowing discourse.

oh, and to answer your question on how the mission statement applies to this chair? that's easy. "Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online."

the chair is an idea. this is a resource. and we are supposed to be a community. you don't have to like the idea. you don't even have to like your community members. but where do you have the right to step into my playground and turn this into a political forum? what are you, the an arm-chair activist?

stop posting so much and go outside. there is a world out there that beckons.

or wait, do you hate most people cause they don't seem to like you very much?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Fabio Novembre's Him Her Chair
6/5/08 02:27 PM

it is what it is, that's all that it is.

it's a chair designed by a person, who probably happens to feel that the female form is much more pleasant to look at than a male "version". those of you who would argue that fact should know that it's a well-known statistic that the majority of both men and women find that the female form is much more pleasant to look at, even if the male form is sculpted and built to "perfection".

and then those of you who scream and rail against it for being "sexist" or it must have been designed by a "straight man", are the same tards who go see the statue of David and "ogle" at its beauty. or do you stand there in Florence picketing the statue, crying out, "it's an exploitive piece of trash! this person obviously wants to evoke male dominance with that penis!"

many of the comments I see regarding this post are lame. how would most of you feel if I had said, "gay men should not be designing anything for the majority of us who are straight, because they just 'don't get it." or even worse, "gay men and women should not be able to comment at all on such matters because they're far too dramatic and emotionally unstable to make level-headed decisions."

I'd probably get strung up or run out of town before I could eat my chow mein, with a lox bagel, collard greens and chitlins.

I, for one, see it as an amusing chair that I won't buy. but don't go spouting your hypocritical statements, drawing conclusions that aren't necessarily there. you can have your own opinions, and that's fine, but to draw the lines of a sexual conspiracy underneath a piece of furniture is a straw man argument at best.

this is about design, not gender or sexual politics.


p.s. no, I'm not angry. I'm just sort of disappointed that people who love art and design are filled with so much close-minded hypocrisy.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Fabio Novembre's Him Her Chair
6/5/08 01:08 PM

The next thing we'll see are computers that are built into the water tanks of our toilets. The LCD touch-screen monitors will hang to one side, swinging upward, then swiveling into place in front of our faces (much like commercial airplane seat trays). Flushing doubles as rebooting the computer, to clean out the "cached files" and memory.

Not to mention the smell.

Damnit, light a match!

Computer On a Stick?
4/18/07 04:27 PM