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Well... I'm the downstairs neighbor with a noisy but well meaning upstairs neighbor. I decided to bribe him with homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. I just wanted him to know that the floors aren't as thick as he thinks and that I'm downstairs if he ever needs anything. Worked like a charm!

What To Do When You Are the Noisy Upstairs Neighbor? Good Questions
11/11/12 12:27 AM

haha... i have that dresser set too! i've seen it in a bunch of ppl's houses it must've been super popular in the 80s!

Before & After: Dated Dresser to Ombre Sideboard Young Nesters
5/21/12 06:05 PM

I feel like the answer to whether a person living alone uses their dishwasher or not really depends on whether you cook a lot and/or take your lunch to work. I make and take my lunch to work every day... which means I have a lot of dirty plastic tupperware. So I use my dishwasher maybe once a week but the top rack is fully loaded with plastic containers that I put my sandwiches, yogurt, grapes, etc. in.

Living Alone with a Dishwasher Cooking for One
5/4/12 01:53 PM

Kesar Pista (Saffron Pistachio) Ice Cream:

Kesar Pista Kulfi (Saffron Pistachio Creamy Popsicle):

What Can I Make That Uses Saffron?Ingredient Questions
3/5/12 05:48 PM

I'd just like to point out that the Frosta is not nearly as "ubiquitous" as it seems. I hate when you guys post cool stuff that I can't actually do... :(

Convert the IKEA FROSTA Into the Perfect Laptop Desk
IKEA Hackers

1/31/12 08:48 PM

I have a friend that flew from London to Atlanta. When he and his wife went through Customs their bags were x-rayed which led to a thorough interrogation of whether they had fruit in their bag. They repeatedly said no. It turns out the screener saw a very tiny "pear" on the x-ray image. It was a small marzipan candy shaped like a pear. :P They got through just fine.

I Am Not a Gel: Share Your Air Travel Food Stories
1/20/12 04:41 PM

Krogers carry them in the specialty cheese section.... at least in Atlanta

Where Can I Buy Just Parmesan Rinds?
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11/1/11 08:29 PM

That's a LOT of dusting...

Wall Unitizer: More Than Built-In Shelving by HWKN

3/28/11 01:32 PM