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Easy solutions that cost little to no money: Move all the components to one shelf (I'd recommend some type of shelving sytem to prevent stacking them all on top of each other) and bundle the cables together. Find white cabes to go to the tv (or paint the cable) to make it less of an eyesore.

If you have considered building a home theater, now might be the time. Many receivers (the central part of a home theater) allow you to connect all your devices into it and run a single cable (usually HDMI) to your tv/projector. This would allow you to move your components elsewhere and just have the single cable to worry about.

Ditto on Xarcady's comment on a wireless IR repeater system. A few years ago I purchased a Harmony Remote (amazing) and the model I purchased (the 890 I believe) came with it. It allows me to have my components in a closet and still have full functionality.

Ideas for Cable-Hiding Conundrum? Good Questions
11/27/12 04:11 PM