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Eighty bucks for anything in this economy is pretty steep, I'll agree. But it's a cost/benefit thing. I'm not an elitist with disposable income, but like a lot of people, I have a couple of inexpensive indulgences here and there that add up. It pains me that I buy terribly constructed mall clothes instead of saving my money and taking another dress class here.

ANYWAY, Home Ec is on my way home and I love passing by that window. The storefront is becoming the podiatrist foot sign for me, only homey and comforting. And the fabric selection is fabulous.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Home Ec. of Silver Lake
10/9/09 08:01 PM

My apartment is a conundrum. Lots of walking space, but no real counter space...http://www.flickr.com/photos/wendypants/2611687743

At some point I had two fridges because the big one only worked as a freezer. That problem was solved, but there's a lot of maneuvering involved in cooking. It's like a dance. This IKEA chopping block table has to be cleared off CONSTANTLY...http://www.flickr.com/photos/wendypants/2630402416/

It's made me enjoy cooking more than when I had a huge galley kitchen with tons of cupboard and counter space. That's life!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Survey: How Large Is Your Kitchen?
3/23/09 11:33 PM

julia child-style! salt pepper and butter. 3 minutes a side, max.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: The New Steak by Cree LeFavour
7/24/08 09:48 AM

lovely, just gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Missoni Iddu Bathtowels from Auto
12/19/07 12:26 PM

kit#3 please!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gift Bag 2007: Dogeared House Blessings Canvas Shopping Bag Kits
12/19/07 11:18 AM

thank goodness i moved down here! i need furnishings!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gift Bag 2007: A Complete IKEA Living Room
12/17/07 11:27 AM

grilled cheese apples walnut bread in the skillet!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 6-Piece Set in Caribbean
12/17/07 09:51 AM