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#3 the larger rectangle with grasscloth

Mirror, Mirror: What Would You Choose for This Wall?
10/3/13 04:12 PM

Black door -hi gloss why not try taking off the shutters on a window and see how you like it.

What Color Should We Paint Our Front Door and Shutters? Good Questions
7/26/13 05:02 PM

I have seen most of the movies. The Lincoln interiors help to make the whole movie come alive..the fabrics, the dimness, the chill you feel like your are living in that tattered White House.

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1/30/13 04:01 PM

For about two years I have been taking a picture of things I love and be in jeopardy of buying. If I take the picture I "own it". I review my pictures and when I delete it I have fallen out of love. In two years I have found there was only one thing that I wish I had purchased that was sold...not bad.

Picture it own it!

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1/23/13 07:12 PM

I live in a totally rennovated Victorian house. We can go without coverings in most rooms and I hung inside the frame roman shades in canvas off white. But where I do need drapes for the look and the privacy I went high and wide...I can push them off the window trim sides if I want. It is the same trim as you describe and we carried it though in the addition. I use no top drapery.

Height to Hang Curtains in Old Victorian? Good Questions
1/22/13 07:44 PM

I think you will be very happy. I don't recommend a larger rug as in my experience that is the part that people will walk and it tends to look different from the rest of the rug.
You do not have to keep you furniture all on the rug, but move it off an or so and your rug will cover a bit more wood but not too much.

I would go for texture in the rug although you don't mention what else you have going on in the room. Texture is just more interesting on wood I think.

What Size Rug for Large Family Room Layout? Good Questions
1/16/13 01:08 PM

I take a picture with my phone---I "own it". Amazing how this works.

Idealizing the Unobtainable
11/27/12 05:08 PM

I would still use the fireplace as a focal point. .In other corner opposite the fireplace why not put a folding mirrored ecco the fireplace... might use a sofa or grouping then angled in the right corner as you enter the room;you would be looking directly at the fireplace. If you want a media space put that along the left wall as you enter. I think you do have a focal point--the fireplace. It will be a really pretty room. Great size.

Arrangement Ideas For Room with No Focal Point? Good Questions
10/2/12 05:17 PM

I have used quilts for a very very long time on my round breakfast table. I change them every couple of weeks. It really makes me happy to have a new look and enjoy these works of art..both quilts I have made and ones that were handed down to me and other I buy from artisans, Don't use them on walls but also love to use them at the bottoms of beds. Quilts are a great way to change a look so easily.

Warm and Welcoming:
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9/25/12 05:52 PM

Grew up in a small town in Ohio..we walked everywhere. Live in a small (if 20,000 or so is small) in CT..we can walk everywhere. We have a library, two grocery stores-one local with organic produce; many small shops, tons of antique stores(no $100 farm tables! but farm tables). and a movie theater! Plus we can walk to the train and be in NYC in less than an hour. No gated communities. All the houses are different from 1700's colonial to the "Glass House". I love being close to a big city but far enough away that we have quiet and still very civilized.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 02:53 PM

Anything that is so ubiquitous that it no longer represents the choice of the resident. I feel that way about granite, but I have had it in three houses now and it seemed so cold and much too shiny. That said my daugher picked out a black ganite and had it honed. I really like it.

I have a friend who is an antique dealer and for a long time she has chopped pillows. Believe it was originally done to show they were high quality down. Difficult to chop an acrylic filled pillow.

I think of pillow chopping as more a shop display thing.

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/20/12 02:33 PM

I think most of us are ready for this! I am a "collector" so I rationalize my "need". However with age I have stopped.

I now take a picture of anything I see that I "need". I even take magazine pictures. If I have a picture in my phone I "own it". If I go back to a particular picture months later and long for it and think it would be used I might buy it--but something has to go first.

Fighting the Feeling of "Should"
6/20/12 02:16 PM

Love to see all kinds of homes that represent the people who live there--nice job. Many of us don't live in apartments in urban areas.

I too really like the letters in the nursery and the fabric on the chair in Audrie's room!(love it actually).

The Roeders' Modern Life is Beautiful House Tour
5/24/12 02:27 PM

I have a ton of scarves and often would wear not some becasue I could not see them. Used three towel bars. Now I not only can see my scraves but I have a pretty color arrangement on the entire wall from top to bottom.

A $5 Solution for Scarves
4/30/12 11:22 AM

Looks so appropriate for MN..cozy. Also like the way the big harlequin pattern balances our your "stuff".

Brenda's Curiosity Shop Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 07:20 PM

Great bones to work with and all your additions perfect! Love the nursery too.

Morag's Original Features Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 07:15 PM

I love a house that really represents the people who live there. It does not matter to me what is there; as many posters have said--it's their house, not Mario's.

The only disappointing space to me is one that looks like it could belong to anyone.

Actually don't like houses for sale that are overly staged.

But any space that works the way people actually live is always a great idea.

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1/21/12 06:11 PM

Agree with so many other posters:

1. Most obviously to me-the blank back wall. Huge scale wall mural like the brich one from IKEA, a very graphic quilt, fabric in big scale like Marimekko. Whatever your taste but big scale.
2. Buy matching woven baskets in interesting texture but rather close in tone to wood..put them rather close together to give the illusion of cabinets that go all the way up. You should be able to use them for storing anything.
3. change out the light fixture.
4. Have mirrors cut so they are nearly the height of your backsplash. Do the right side as we see in in thirds and then frame from an online frame place. On the left do two on either side of the range...they are practical as easy to clean. Keep them clean and they will bounce the light around your kitchen.
5. Your fridge sticks out and can also be less obvious by covering a large rectangle from the top of fridge to near the counter with either a framed mirror or a blackboard.

You don't mention what room opens to this kitchen..make appropriate choices to tie in with that room.

Ideas to Help Make This Kitchen Amazing?
Good Questions

1/19/12 05:14 PM

Don't do too much! More taking away the redoing!
Take off the palm tree border.
Take up the rugs
Change the mirrors to plain inexpensive bigger rectangular ones
Bring in the light....if you can open you shade do so. You can use film or spay if the view is not good.
Take away the black bench..get either an inexpensive clear on from IKEA or Target or leave it bare.
Take away the the faux plant...put in a real orchid or low upkeep green other decor
Don't bother replacing any fixtures at all unless it is an expensive property.
Allow plenty of room for the new owners to make it their own.

Updates For This Bathroom in House For Sale?
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1/10/12 09:40 PM

You have really beautiful floors..I would pick one that is smaller than your original one for the winter-Flokati great-no rug at all in the summer.

Which Rug Would You Choose for This Space?
12/8/11 05:05 PM