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I love Curve Appeal; it'd be a nice way to add a little color to my otherwise very neutral kitchen.

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10/19/13 10:37 AM

That's my neighborhood! I love Clintonville. It has everything I need, and the houses are so charming (though my roomies and I currently reside in a fairly boring half-double).

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5/23/12 08:07 PM

Captain and Coke, sometimes a White Russian (with vanilla vodka if they have it), or any bottled beer that I can tolerate (preferably no cheaper than Killian's).

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5/9/12 10:13 PM

It works (for a certain value of "works") for Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer; he has his house in Minnesota with his lovely dogs and bees, and she has her shared house in Boston . Granted, they're about as far from a traditional couple as it gets, but there ya go.

Autonomous and Committed: Living Apart Together
4/27/12 12:31 AM

I *love* #8. I could live in a room like that.

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11/12/11 03:37 PM

It depends on the type of shopping I'm doing. I find shopping for basics pretty dull, and I generally want to get in and out as quickly as possible. When my housemates and I are shopping for Gaming Night dinner or similar, we take our time, wander the supermarket, usually sticking to the list we brought. Usually.

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10/26/11 02:50 PM

Shipyard's is amazing, and I'm also a big fan of O'Fallon's. I found Southern Tier's Pumking *way* too sweet for my liking.

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10/19/11 08:08 PM

The hotel I work for in central Ohio has gotten a lot of produce from them this summer. Oh, their heirloom cherry tomatoes are so beautiful, and I loved getting edible flowers to garnish my salads.

The Chef's Garden: A Very Unusual Family Farm
10/7/11 07:30 PM

My new address has a walkability score of 86. I'm gong to be across the street from a supermarket, a gas station, a pet store, and a post office. Within a few blocks there are coffee shops, pizza joints, small indie/ethnic grocery stores, bars, and a beautiful hike/bike trail that runs at least the length of the city. I love Columbus :)

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8/25/11 03:46 PM

That pot rack idea is genius. The place I'm moving into next month has real cabinet space, thank Ceiling Cat, but if I find myself in a apartment/house without it, I now know what to do.

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8/20/11 02:48 PM

My sweetie, my sister, her boyfriend, and I are interested in trying our hand at making mead sometime in the near future. And probably brewing beer. And making cheese. We're some ambitious food nerds, over here :)

I'd also like to try canning; I've watched my mom do it since I was a wee spud, but have never attempted it myself.

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6/9/11 09:24 PM

@ SweetCommunist: "Broad"? Really? I was unaware that it was the 1930s.

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3/6/11 08:28 PM

Our stacked washer/dryer set is in the kitchenof out humble 700-or-so sq ft apartment, right next to the oven. Pro: not having to schlep everything out to a laundromat/friend's house every few days. Con: grease splatters on the dryer >.<

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1/31/11 11:10 PM

Canned cherry pie filling, frosted cherry Pop Tarts straight out of the box, boxed mix vanilla or coconut pudding with bananas, Fritos and bean dip, chilli cheese fries...oh, the shame of it all :P

Do You Have a Secret Food?
1/31/11 10:47 PM

Beautifully write. Thank you, and my condolences.

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1/23/11 01:51 PM