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I applaud the effort - regardless of whether the materials were base or mean or sent from the sky man.

One thing is certain: that project could not have been easy. But I do think the color choice may have overpowered the form. If your goal was to make a statement about overcoming any anything with some strong, orange paper, then you succeeded (that was not sarcasm - I mean that sincerely). But you seem more focused and deliberate than that.

So let me say this about that: I could see that fabric folded into a quilt that flashes its gaudy orangeness like a tease, but doesn't fully lift her skirts until a time designated by her host - like for a lining, perhaps!

Just my two cents.
I'll post a couple bfor and afters of the major changes going on in my little world and it will leave you feeling wholly possessed and squared away as all is chaos here! :)

Before & After: A Chest of Drawers Gets Paper Sourced
Fine Diving

12/7/11 11:07 PM

I love the mix of textures and patterns in #5. Totally eclectic and beautifully tied together.

Does anyone know where the cabinets in #4 are from. Love that green!

Black & White Stripes
3/5/11 11:08 AM

Nice job! p.s. I put that same sage tile on my bathroom floor. It was like $3/ft and very easy to work with.

Before & After: Kitchen Reno on a Near Zero Budget
1/27/11 08:48 AM

This is a makeover. The purpose of a makeover is to "make"-"over" an existing structure/space with cosmetic changes i.e. the way a facial makeover doesn't require one to get a nose-job or chin implant but rather change the tones and colors one applies to his/her existing face. (I don't really wear much makeup but you take my point!).

The distinction is between "makeover" and "renovation" -- the former is cosmetic, the latter structural.

That said, I'm not crazy about any of these truth be told. They all look very, very Ikea to me. I get that that's the point from Ikea's perspective, but I agree with some of the other postings here that to make these rooms really pop you'd absolutely want to pepper it with natural and/or found objects to add warmth and character.

Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 Different IKEA Makeovers
12/4/10 12:23 PM