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Will & Rebekah's Traditional with a Twist in Paris House Tour
5/23/14 07:00 PM

I know exactly how this feels! We bought an 1840 farmhouse this summer, a house that has seen many families who all have put their touch on it, as they should. It is structurally sound, it's just the cosmetic touches I need to fix. I started pretty much right after we moved in, but when my daughter and her fiancee announced they would like to have their wedding here everything has gone into overdrive. Painting walls and trim, stripping wallpaper, tiling, adding lighting, etc. It's work but with each step I feel like it's more my own and I fall in love with it even more. Trying to get the inside done before the warm weather and I can get the outside done too!

The MIL Seal of Approval (Phew!)
2/12/13 12:41 PM

In June we moved from a 20 year old house to a 200 year old house. We had extensive bookshelves in our old (new) house, but our new (old) house has none. I did have to cull the herd a bit, but I will feel more at home here when the bookshelves finally get built and I can take all of the books out of their boxes and put them away. I gave 3 full boxes of books to my local elementary school, 5 to a homeless shelter, kept the ones I couldn't let go. For me a house full of books is a good place to be, it"s a home

Liveblogging Day 12: A Sort-Of Book Purge Liveblogging the January Cure
1/17/13 09:26 PM

I love it, I just hate the red tile

Don't Look Down: Elevator Shaft Powder Room Home DSGN
5/2/12 09:14 PM

I like to think of vegetables as little pieces of art. The color combinations are endless; carrots and broccoli, roasted beets with goat cheese, butternut squash and peas, orange and yellow peppers mixed with tomatoes, mushrooms with shallots and garlic, etc. Whatever is in the crisper drawer, or not, is fine

10 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables Every Day
Reader Intelligence Report

1/25/12 04:22 PM