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LOVE hot pink accents! Here's a photo of our recent bathroom renovation. I found these great patterned hot pink towels at Bloomingdales.

Hot Pink Accents
4/27/11 01:24 PM

As long as you are an organized person, I see nothing wrong with open closets. We added curtains to our closets. My husband's curtains are closed most of the time, but I leave mine open. I like the extra color and texture it add to the space.

When the Bedroom Becomes the Dressing Room
9/8/10 10:55 PM

I just framed a scarf that my grandfather brought back from Japan in the 1950's when he returned from the Korean war. I cut it in four pieces and framed each in a separate frame.

Scarf Style at Home
8/17/10 10:03 PM

I also have a Bosch axis washer and dryer. They are pricey, but one of the best purchases we have made.

Recommendations for a Good Washer Ventless Dryer Combo?
Good Questions

8/12/10 05:16 PM

I LOVE it! My only complaint - please put your toilet seat down for the photographs! It is such a pet peeve of mine.

Jessie's Vintage Modern Bungalow House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/23/10 07:52 PM

My husband and I are bringing stuffed peppers to our 4th BBQ

Great Recipes for an (Almost, Maybe) Vegetarian BBQ? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/17/10 10:54 PM

I've had a blazing rose plant for the last year, but never knew what it was. I have done countless google searches to try to figure it out. Mine is almost 24" tall and love our sunny west facing windows. I keep it about 5' away from the glass (otherwise it gets a bit droopy on hot sunny days). Thanks AT!

10 Colorful Low Mantainence Plants for Your Window Box | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/17/10 10:37 PM

I have curtains on my closet, but always keep it open. I feel like it adds a little color to our bedroom and forces me to keep my clothes tidy.

Open Closets in Small Spaces | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/7/10 10:30 PM

Hi everyone, thank you for the comments about our new sink! To answer some questions, we were inspired after an AT post a couple weeks back called 10 affordable sinks: We bought the sink on for $299 (retails for $600) and the faucet on Ebay for $195 (retails for $400). The sink grid was a splurge at $75 (also from Amazon), but is soo worth it. I had no idea what a sink grid was for, but it really helps out when washing dishes. It provides a sturdy surface for dishes to stack on, keeps the bottom of the sink from getting scratched, and helps drain water and food particles off the dishes.

Before After: Kitchen Sink Makeover Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/30/10 07:03 PM

I'm an architect and just had a lunchtime seminar on mold in bathrooms. The problem is that bleach will kill the mold living on your walls but it will not kill the mold spores. Once the spores grow up you are stuck with the same problem again (about every 2 weeks). Bathrooms are breeding grounds for mold because of the ideal conditions - lack of sunlight, lack of proper ventilation, moisture and food (body oils, hair, soap scum). If you have a shower curtain, I would leave it open to help vent out the tub area and allow the sunlight to do the trick. Keeping the tub clean is also important. You should be using bleach and not an organic cleaner (which in many cases provide the food for the mold to grow). If nothing else, buy a cheap box fan and run it during and after your shower.

Getting Rid of Bathroom Mold Permanently? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/26/10 08:25 AM

I bought the waffle curtain in the first photo. It looks lovely in the photo but is super disappointing in real life. My husband calls it our hospital curtain. It is really really thin and practically see through. I am tempted to buy a second one and sew them back to back from some extra weight.

Extra Long Shower Curtains | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/24/10 06:13 PM

I agree with 'creative', it is perfect just how it is. Dressing it up is just going to draw more attention to the column. The dining table looks a little crowded back in the corner. Maybe pull it out into the space a little more.

Working Around a Concrete Column? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/24/10 08:21 AM

Perfect timing AT! I have been debating what sink to order. Just ordered #7 the Blanco extra deep sink bowl in black and a new Grohe Concetto Pull down faucet (on Ebay for $195)

I'm soo excited!

10 Affordable Kitchen Sinks! | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/13/10 01:45 PM

I love your folding screen. Where is it from?

William Stephen's Artistic Abode House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
12/10/09 01:24 PM

I love this! Where did you find your large tree like branch?

Bryan's Fashionable Statement House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/20/09 01:40 PM

Thanks AT for posting my table! Just to clarify, the top is 1 1/2" thick but beveled on the edge to about 1/4". It is extremely durable because the top is solid wood.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Room Board Walnut Axis Table - $350 Chicago Scavenger
10/19/09 01:29 PM

I agree, you money would be much better spent on a new rug.

Apartment Therapy New York | Coffee Table for Studio Living Room? Good Questions
7/30/09 07:21 PM

This dressing table has a new home now. Thanks AT!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Scavenger: Mid Century Dressing Table - $425 Chicago
7/19/09 06:11 PM

I match.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Do Your Clothes Match Your Home?
6/24/09 02:22 PM

We just painted our new place the same way. We used the same color throughout, but used a semi-gloss on the trim and flat paint on the walls and ceilings. It made such a difference and looks much larger.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Single-Color Walls and Trim
3/6/09 04:39 PM