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The chair and side table are gorgeous!

Anna's "Bright Global Modern" Room Room for Color Contest
10/9/12 09:17 PM

In love. That is all.

Janelle's "Tropics" Room Room for Color Contest
10/6/12 09:20 AM

Wow! That's worse than my current (temporary) solution. I used white duct tape (to match the frame) and tightly sealed the gaps with plastic wrap until I have time to cut some wood and cover it with pretty paper or fabric. At least mine lets a little light in and resembles a window pane! I thought MY idea was embarrassing...but this is just WRONG. ;)

Simple & Smart: Air Conditioner Installation Tip
6/12/12 05:29 PM

I want everything! :) Where is that Elephant side table from? And are those hacked IKEA LACK tables?

Caitlin's Art of Layering Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 11:16 AM

@wmjr - Wow. Rude, much? I'd love to know how your tenants feel about you...

How To Make My Landlord Deal with Water Damage and Mold in Bathroom? Good Questions
4/21/12 10:30 PM

House tour, please! :)

Andrea's Urban Cottage Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 10:54 PM

Great job! I LOVE all of your lucite furniture. Would you mind letting us know where it came from?

Melissa's Learning Experiences Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 12:41 PM

LOVE the layout and architecture of your space! And I'm seriously digging the Idea of having a "woman cave" :)

Kathleen's Gargoyle Nest Small Cool Contest
4/17/12 11:48 AM

Love the wallpaper and the stripes in the bathroom. I have a sideways shower too!

Jess' Charming Character Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 07:27 PM

BAD. ASS. It's like the treehouse of my dreams.

Malissa's Perfect Retreat Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 12:47 PM

Very elegant and well done. I love your chandelier. In fact...I love ALL the lighting in your home! :) Though I think the space is a little too monochromatic for my taste, you choices in decor and furniture are lovely. Maybe you could throw in a few pops of color using easily removable items like pillows or throws. Perhaps a bright solid, rather than a print, in one of this seasons funky bright tones? That's just my two cents. What's really important is that YOU love your space the way it is. Either got my vote simply because you have great taste and a lovely home. :)

Kristi's Head Over Heels Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 12:20 PM

Beautiful! I love your lucite coffee table and night tables as well as your wallpapered nook. This home looks chic and well edited while still showing some personality.

Lex & Lynn's Not Boxed In Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 11:27 AM

House tour, please!

Christian's Creative Playground Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 06:17 PM

The sparkle dresser made me smile. The kitchen and dressing room were both a delight as well. Most everything else frightened me a little...but damn...Dixie seems like one hell of a lady. I salute you. :)

Dixie's Latest and Greatest Sensation-Rich Home House Tour
4/4/12 10:58 PM

I just moved to NYC from Los Angeles last weekend.

In L.A. the lowest I paid was $875 for a studio in Los Feliz
Highest was $1075 for a 1 bedroom in Beverly Hills / South Robertson

Now I live in a 1 bedroom in Hamilton Heights (West Harlem) and I pay $1175.

Every place I've lived in has had everything I wanted at the time. I guess I have pretty good luck finding good apartments.

What's the Highest & Lowest Rent You'd Pay in Your City? Survey
3/14/12 05:15 PM

"Truly disturbing," CG? If that's what disturbs you, I'd be interested to know how you feel about the current economic crisis or the subject of human trafficking. Though I'm personally not a fan of the green bedding, I can appreciate the open airiness that's been achieved with the light blue walls. I'd love to see one more pop of color...perhaps yellow?

Bryony's "Bright Gray Day" Room
10/29/11 04:09 PM

That first bag is absolutely adorable. The price, though? Not cute. $84.00 for THAT?! If I were the sewing type, I'd DIY that badboy on the spot.

Pedal Power: Stylish Bike Accessories & Decor
7/29/11 02:47 PM

What a great house tour! I'm really digging your use of the yogurt bottles for spices. Where did you find the corks large enough for those bottles?

Hannah's Cozy, Creative La Canada Home
House Tour

7/13/11 04:24 PM

Thanks for sharing! I just recently experienced the same kind of separation & move. It feels really freeing to have a new space that's all my own and full of possibility. I've found my creative streak again. Good luck to you, and I hope you'll keep us posted with the progress of you decorating!

6 Ways to Make Space for the New
12/8/10 09:29 PM