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I really like See Jane Work merch, but my most recent purchase was not so great... items shipped one at a time over months and in the end I did not get things I ordered and got things I didn't order.

See Jane Work: Cute and Stylish Office Supplies
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10/31/11 07:27 PM

I prefer before and after pictures that show the same view.

Before & After: DIY Wainscoting Transforms a Room
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9/28/11 10:53 AM

I built a prairie style new house a few years ago... exterior has large overhangs, some cedar shingle detailing, but Hardie board siding in a muted green colour... interior, lots of wood, built-ins, clerestory windows, lots of light, leather furniture, a few traditional craftsman bits of furniture

What Is Contemporary Craftsman Style?
9/19/11 11:17 AM

hard to go wrong with Martha Sturdy, I have several pieces... if you live around Vancouver shop the studio sales and you can save on what are otherwise pricey items

The Other-Worldly Beauty of Resin Tableware & Accessories
4/21/11 01:19 PM

taking up rugs in the spring and summer lightens and freshens the room

Going Rugless: Bare Floor Inspiration
4/20/11 11:43 AM

The websites suggested by urbancricket are a great place to start. We house swap and in general, for long term stays, you should empty closets and dressers. Store anything valuable (in a safety deposit box if small and in a storage facility if larger).

But, you also need to think about what you want on the other end. Now that we have done this a few times I am much smarter about checking out what I am swapping my great house for on the other end. For example, in Europe a child's bedroom often has a child sized bed... doesn't work for my 6' tall teenager.

How To Prepare For A House Swap?
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3/3/11 08:06 PM

I'm a mom, #5 is scary... I have a library, which I love, love and I have it because I love books but I don't want this look all around my house... some of these are just messy

Bookshelf Envy: Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves
2/2/11 04:44 PM

built in storage everywhere possible
great sheets and towels
quiet dishwasher
completely wireless Sonos sound system
hardwired exterior lighting in the garden

Home Luxuries: Which Ones Are Worth It?
1/31/11 04:32 PM

Cleaned out the fridge and freezer. Collected sample and travel size toiletries, extra shampoo and the like and donated to a women's shelter.

5 Things To Let Go of Today
1/3/11 09:37 PM

My house is an open floor plan so I am extremely minimalist with my kitchen counters... a Martha Sturdy platter heaped with fruit and a huge earthy 18 Karat sculptural piece and that's it. (Well, maybe a bottle of wine sometimes also.) I have appliance garages that easily hide toaster, coffee pot, blender--which get used everyday. I cook all the time and I don't think you would know that until you started opening cupboards and drawers... so I don't think appearances necessarily speak for themselves.

What Do You Display on Your Kitchen Countertop?
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1/3/11 11:40 AM