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I know how to make my "famous" carrot cake w/cream cheese frosting by heart. Also the fruit crumble topping as mentioned above. However, I find that if I don't make someting on a regular basis. I always have to refer back to the actual recipe. My memory's not that good. :)

12 Recipes to Know By Heart
2/8/12 04:32 PM

Really like the "Pisces" pillows! Where did you get them or did you make them yourself?

A Pop-Up Apartment at The Yard
Showhouse Tour

9/8/11 01:41 PM

I think a creamy white would be nice. You can add some character and/or color with your chairs.

What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen Table?
Good Questions

12/3/10 01:29 PM

Gorgeous!!! I'm sending positive vibes out to the universe that this stool will be mine! :)

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12/2/10 04:37 PM

I had a Cuisinart coffee on demand 12-cup programmable coffee maker. It only lasted me 2 years. When I was looking for a new coffee maker I decided to just try the French press. It's the best thing I could have done! It makes excellent coffee! I even used it for my Thanskgiving guests who wanted coffee with their dessert. And the French press was five times cheaper than the Cuisinart!

Coffee At Home: Is Giving Up the Drip Machine Worth It?
12/2/10 04:34 PM

I usually take my tree and decorations down on New Years Day.

How Soon is Too Soon for Holiday Decorations?

11/27/10 10:47 PM

My tree and decorations go up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There's normally a parade in my small town that kicks the holiday season off and it falls on the same day. So it kinda works out and it puts me in the mood. :)

How Soon is Too Soon for Holiday Decorations?

11/27/10 10:46 PM