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and thank you all for the positives comments on my place.

As soon as the pics were online, I realized that they were dark and quite horrible, tough lot of things have changed since I took the pictures a year ago...

Fun to see you've been a lot to talk about the blank bed and the lack of pillows...
I sleep without any, but to be honest, I removed thoses of my wife for the pictures...
but in France, we usually are more reasonnable about pillows than in American bedroom.

just to answer a few comments:

@ JamesG: Yes, GrandPrix chairs are absolute stunners, and half chairs / half sculptural art.

@ Brooklynindiana: I love the Fornasetti plates mostly they recall me the best moments in my life: all of them are numbred and dedicated to a special event on their back:
my weeding, the birth of my first daughter 5 years ago, her first birthday, the birth of my second daughter...

@ Cyclokitty, right for the scarying bird... it is now in our bedroom, and it's used to hang my Borsalino...

@ Kareno: the lamps on the nighttables are simply from Ikea! and they display a soft and coloured light for a fistfull of peanuts.

@ Jen-g: yes, it's a red battleship over the door. I bought to a friend selling on Paris Flea Market a dark grey 1950 model of battleship, and simply painted on bright red.
With the same color than the 100% homemade George Nelson inspired bench.

@ Knifemouth & Mary Wise: a lot of thanks to both of you for your very kind comments.
I appreciate it very much.

best regards from Paris and season's greeting.

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