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I like the photo with the white couch and bits of red. That looks like a Kilppan from Ikea. How do you like the white slipcover? I love the way it looks and am thinking about getting one for my couch. I have a dog and cat and worry about keeping it fresh looking.

Luisa's 'All Mine' Abode Small Cool Contest
4/5/12 08:33 PM

I love teal/turquoise/aqua. I've used it in my condo combined with sour apple green and fudge brown.

Color Trend Watch: Teal…Do You Feel It?
5/6/11 04:37 PM

I agree with KittyAtlanta. There is just way too much stuff on the counters and overhead. I also don't like the open cabinets. Due to space limitations I have narrow open pantry shelving in my tiny kitchen. I constantly have to dust and arrange my goods so they aren't messy. I can't imaging having glasses etc out in the open to keep clean and dust free. Especially things that aren't used frequently. That being said, the colors are beautiful and the paint is a huge transformation.

Before & After: A Builder Basic Kitchen Updated With Paint
Life {in} Grace

5/5/11 12:57 PM

Add my dog, cat, some plants and flowers and just a few pieces of pottery I like and I'd be very, very happy there! Lovely place. It's clean, minimal, expansive with such good flow and light. It makes me want to redecorate and paint everything white.

Chris Savoy’s California Contemporary Home
House Tour

5/3/11 11:57 PM

These kitchens are beautiful. However my kitchen is a small enclosed 6'x12' box with two doorways. I'd love to see some budget friendly ideas on how to squeeze out some more functionality.

Our 10 Favorite Small Kitchens
Inspiration Gallery

5/1/11 12:47 PM

Nice, inexpensive, doable art. I think the coolest part of this project is the fact that you can print on contact paper and save the tracing step!

Jaime's Easy DIY Cherry Blossom Art
I'm a Mom Not a Professional

5/1/11 12:31 PM

I'm lucky enough to have some vintage Juhl pieces purchased in Europe in the 1950's. They are a favorite in my collection. And I only paid $5 a piece!

Finn Juhl: Pioneer of Danish Modernism

4/14/11 02:15 PM

No decorative pillows and 2 standard bed pillows. I only use one, the other is to balance the look of the queen size bed.

How Many Pillows Do You Sleep With?
3/26/11 07:40 PM