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You have the Crosley turntable that Urban Outfitters sells. I got the same one from another source. In my experience, the sound quality is pretty bad, especially for higher-pitched sounds. I had to return it. And the number of similar reviews indicates it wasn't a fluke.

Suitcase Turntable: An Adorable Solution for the Audiophobe
2/1/11 12:26 PM

I think this is my favorite thing I've seen on this site. And while everything in the photos shown is just lovely, the best part (to me) is the spiral mobile just caught (probably accidentally by the photographer) in the first photo, which suggests that the occupant doesn't take herself too seriously, in contrast to many homes shown here that might be aesthetically pleasing or clever, but seem like a life lived as a performance in which home decoration is a *very* serious matter. Kudos.

Mercedes' Evolving Story
House Call

11/25/10 08:49 PM