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Hmm... I don't know. I'd bet I spend more money on mayo in a given year than ketchup, but only because after a few months in the fridge, I throw it out and replace it. I rarely come close to finishing a jar of mayo. Ketchup, on the other hand, seems to last forever (or at least a lot longer than mayo) so I actually finish the bottle before replacing it.

So yes, I spend more/buy more mayo, but I use a lot more ketchup. And salsa.

Mayonnaise Is Hands-Down America's Favorite Condiment
2/4/14 10:22 AM

Spydrmnky123, your comment about your husband and the "not-pudding-at-all" made me laugh out loud.

I love this thread to see how some people swear by chia and others who (are probably like me AND my husband) have no interest in slimy-yet-crunchy foods.

5 Recipes Using Chia Seeds That Both Intrigue Me and Totally Gross Me Out
1/30/14 04:29 PM

I used to cook a lot out of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine. They were usually fairly healthy, fairly quick (week-night type meals) and usually didn't have too many ingredients. You might want to check out the books compiled from the old magazines.

Cookbook Recommendations for a Student Living in a Dorm? Good Questions
11/15/13 02:14 PM

I absolutely agree with supersleeves. I was in a similar situation where I was more adventurous with vegetables, but when we moved in together we worked with what we both liked and gradually expanded. For example, I made a lot of stirfry - he really only liked onions and bell peppers, so that's what I made stirfry from. Then I started adding hard-to-hate vegetables like green beans and sugar snap peas. Or we'd make things that he was comfortable with, like chicken pot pie, but I'd add extra veggies. i agree that good restaurants are great, because we'd try different things there and then re-create them at home.

I would just caution you against the "make what you want and he'll either eat it or make his own" mentality. I understand that you don't want to be pigeon holed into the domestic role of "cooking for your man," but if you approach his picky eating habits too negatively, it just sets you up for tension every night at dinner time. Moving in with a significant other isn't easy, and to me, sharing meals is an important part of a relationship. I'd hate to make dinner a negative time of the day just because we have different eating preferences.

Good luck, and enjoy spending the extra time with your significant other!

Healthier Recipe Ideas That Appeal to Picky Eaters? Good Questions
8/12/13 11:51 AM

I totally made this salad as a kid! I had an old copy of that cookbook for kids that you referenced! Never crossed my mind as an elementary school kid how ridiculous it is. haaaaaaaaaaaaahaha.

The Candle Salad: A Retro Recipe to Make You Blush Food History
7/17/13 09:38 AM

@NMeli - Same here. I thought it tasted like earth chocolate chip ice cream with a hint of mint.

Recipe: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
4/26/13 02:07 PM

I didn't love it until I read that it was in Palm Springs. Then it all clicked, and I LOVE it.

Kitchen Before & After: A Palm Springs Kitchen Gets a Luxury Makeover Kitchen Remodel
4/16/13 09:14 AM

Does anyone know of anywhere else on the web that has a longer list of tulips and when they bloom? I'm new to bulbs and I didn't realize that there was variation in bloom timing of tulips.

Enjoy the Color Longer: Tips for Extending Tulip Season The Gardenist
4/11/13 10:03 AM

Ha! I thought I was the only one who actually stood on the counters to get stuff down! At 5'0" I also have a trusty wooden spoon to flip the wall light switch across the "peninsula" which is just. out. of. reach.

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: My Kitchen Stool
2/28/13 01:04 PM

This kitchen is eerily similar to mine, except I think either my ceiling is higher or the cabinets are not as high (they don't go the whole way to the ceiling).

I definitely agree with other people who said under-the-cabinet lighting is a great first step, and can be pretty affordable. I also have a relatively dark backspash (it's slate) and the lighting really warms it up.

Not sure what your budget is, but I would maybe consider swapping out the tile? Something either brighter or warmer might do a lot to brighten (or warm) the place up. Good luck - maybe I'm biased, but I think that it's a great kitchen!

Turn My Darth Vader Kitchen Into a Beautiful Princess Leia Reader Resolutions 2013
1/11/13 09:32 AM

The after pictures are so cheery - I love it!

Kitchen Before & After: From Drab to Fab! Reader Kitchen Remodel
12/14/12 02:51 PM

I have heard that sprinkling diatomaceous earth helps. We dusted the floor with it under our oven and dishwasher, which is where we thought they might be congregating. That combined with a massive offense of a couple of different types of roach traps (Raid roach motel type stuff) seemed to work... at least on the third try...

How Can I Get Rid of Cockroaches? Good Questions
8/31/12 04:06 PM

I've never had anything like that, but it sounds delcious. I googled camembert soup and found this: would you be able to make the soup portion of this (with white wine, onions, thyme, etc) and then pour it over your fish?

Help Me Recreate This Fish & Camembert Dish from Brittany? Good Questions
8/24/12 04:01 PM

I've lived in apartments with musty-smelling kitchen cabinets and it's not awesome. Plus I can't imagine having carpet in a kitchen.

I would start by thoroughly cleaning the cabinets and investing in some good shelf liner. Then pull up the carpet (any chance there's old hardwood floors under there?) and see what you're really dealing with - those cabinets could be in even worse shape than you realize. Take down the wallpaper and paint right away - and if that soffet can be removed, do that right away too. I think that alone will help.

If you don't have the budget to start over (cabinets are silly expensive), I'd look into getting new doors for the cabinets. I don't think the doors look SO bad from the photos, but it sounds like they're in worse shape than the photos lead you to believe. If they're standard sizes, you might be able to just get the doors from IKEA or have someone build them for you. While I was doing that, I'd also turn the whole oven area into a pantry and rip out the stove top and replace it with a normal stove/oven.

If you end up deciding you need to start from scratch, I'd recommend upgrading the fridge as soon as you can. Unless you're doing something custom (which if you're on a budget you probably won't) your fridge will probably stay in the same spot and be a similar size. You might be spending a lot on electricity for that old fridge which you can start saving for revamping the rest. :)

How Would You Modernize Betty Draper's 60s Kitchen? Budget Makeover Challenge Reader Intelligence Request
8/17/12 03:24 PM

I need this in my next house.

Look! A Hideaway Cabinet Coffee Area Kitchen Inspiration
8/7/12 09:39 AM

Yep - it says right in the original story why this is important to things other than ketchup bottles and why MIT labs are spending time on them:

"We were really interested in--and still are--using this coating for anti-icing, or for preventing clogs that form in oil and gas lines, or for non-wetting applications like, say, on windshields," Smith says.

Scientists Invent Product That Gets the Last Drop of Ketchup From the Bottle
5/29/12 03:36 PM

I'm usually hypersensitive to extraneous chemicals in food, but as I spent a ridiculous amount of time this morning scraping the last of the mustard out of the jar, I think I'm in love with this concept. Plus, I agree with Emmi - I'm sure that the people at MIT are thinking of other potential applications than just your ketchup bottle.

Scientists Invent Product That Gets the Last Drop of Ketchup From the Bottle
5/29/12 03:31 PM

Oh my god!!!!!! So adorable! Lucky couple!!!!

A Marriage Proposal for a Cook: Watch This Stop-Motion Movie with LEGOs

1/10/12 04:16 PM

But what about the stuffing??? :(

Flatten that Bird: Have You Butterflied a Turkey?
11/2/11 10:36 AM

We saved the empty k cups for a month or so and used them as pods for starting seeds last spring. They are a perfect size, and even have the hole in the bottom from brewing that works great for drainage. We placed them on an old cookie sheet and kept it watered. Worked great for growing seedlings!

K-Cups and Coffee Pod Systems: Love Them or No, Thanks?
9/6/11 10:00 PM