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ha ha ha! This is hilarious. I love it.

Family Pet Portraits: Fun or Faux Pas?
5/18/12 09:14 AM

Can Canadians enter any of the contests featured here?

Win a Backyard Beehive & Starter Kit from Agrarian — a $500 Value! Thursday Giveaway — Last Day to Enter
5/2/12 07:40 AM

People are often so mean on this site. Why not make a constructive critique if you're going to be critical?

Riki & Allen's Texas-Modern Remodel House Tour
3/17/12 09:24 PM

Nicely done! Great splashes of colour and personality. I love it all. Gigantic copy of The Little Prince. Lovely! Thank you for sharing your great home with us. I really love the glass containers for the plants. Terrific idea. I might plant an orchid in one. What do you do about drainage though? Is it possible to buy glass containers with a wee hole in the bottom?

Yigit Pura's Modern Condo In The City
House Tour

3/17/12 09:17 PM

I've been wanting to paint a wall navy blue for a long time and have been discouraged by friends, but this is giving me the courage to do it. YAY! NAVY BLUE. One accent wall. It's gorgeous. Well done!

Mark's "Bold Basics" Room
11/13/11 10:03 PM

Oh my gosh! YES! I love that people have their OWN taste. This room looks really fun. The furniture is wild. I love it! Thank you for posting and sharing with us.

Valery & Tony's "Moon Base Alpha" Room
11/13/11 09:48 PM

That specialty designed couch - amazing. The colour is beautiful.

Samer's 1930's Streamline Moderne Apartment
House Tour

9/15/11 09:07 PM

Ha ha ha! I love the last comment posted here. He is stunning! And I also love the home and all of your beautiful things. Great eye, great arrangements, lovely.

Samer's 1930's Streamline Moderne Apartment
House Tour

9/15/11 09:07 PM

I needed this post. Thank you so much.

5 Completely Free Ways to Make Your House a Home
9/13/11 11:32 PM

Thank you. The details and personality here are beautiful, and beautifully arranged. I love your house. Thank you for sharing it with us. Esp. love the wood pieces that you added, the side table next to the couch, the bedside table, your love of plants and order, the pops of colour, eclectic artworks (esp. bathroom), the rocking chair with tennis player art above. Well done! I also think your succulents and basket of lights are great!

Kathryn & David's Mix of Modern & Craftsman Apartment
House Tour

8/18/11 09:37 PM

Great idea. Thank you for the suggestion!

Insta-Upgrade: Switch the Light Switch
8/5/11 11:32 AM

Yay, Jordan! I don't know you, but feel so inspired by your apartment. Am now thinking about what I could do to make my home more elegantly usable, with smarter, sleeker storage. Many thanks for sharing your home with us!

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
5/11/11 08:08 AM

So calm. I love the office view. Just lovely and zen. Thank you for sharing.

David & Marcelle's Nashville Beach House
House Tour

5/4/11 05:32 PM

That was a good hmmmmmm...

Before & After: Brightening Up the Kitchen Cabinets
Restoration House

5/4/11 03:40 PM


Before & After: Brightening Up the Kitchen Cabinets
Restoration House

5/4/11 03:40 PM

Love the minimalist entries like Stellah's disappearing bed, but this house made me sit up and want to put on my best heels! Sexy fine.

Sharina's Vie en Rose
4/27/11 11:12 PM

And there are enough seats elsewhere in the space to move in more chairs, at the open end, still without crowding. Amazing, really.

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
4/27/11 06:37 AM

You could easily get a lot of people in this living room with all the seating. Very good planning.

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
4/27/11 06:36 AM

I wouldn't take out one thing! This house is a home. I love that about it. Everytime I see it I like it more. I want to curl up in here and read a book. So livable, but still so chic. A tight rope of a walk in a tiny space, but this is absolutely fabulous! It was the storage that I kept noticing when I kept going back to your apartment, Jordan. You have so many smart solutions and can still keep some things you love without them ruling the space. So happy you're risen to the top in this division. I do agree that there are many great spaces and use of them, and am so happy that so many people are willing to share their homes with all of us! Merci!

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
4/27/11 06:34 AM

Come on, Stella! I keep looking at your gorgeous space. I don't Do you work in your bedroom when the Murphy is put away? It's a great room. I think I would write there. I cannot believe how homey this is while sparsely but perfectly put together. I'm very, very inspired. Thank you so much for sharing. Tres beau!

Stellah's Disappearing Bed
4/25/11 12:01 AM