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If you're willing to paint the wall, a shade of blue/turquoise will really make the space feel more lush when plants are placed in front of it. Would be a great way to get instant impact and visually expand the space until your wall cover plant grows in.

Can I Fulfill My Backyard Inspiration?
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4/3/12 12:11 PM

Nice idea!

Should the drawer be reinforced first? I wonder if the strength of the tension could compromise the drawer after a while.

I have a feeling my daughter's drawers won't be deep enough, so perhaps a moot point.

Use Tension Rods To Tidy Up Toddler Shoe Storage
Pancakes and French Fries

10/25/11 10:18 PM

This is so awesome!

A Super Splash Pad for Four Florida kids
My Great Outdoors

6/11/11 08:09 PM

Love that the before pics were included. Nice transformation!

Crystal & Gavin's House for Modernist Cats (& Dogs!)
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6/1/11 02:26 PM

I'll take it any way.

Modern Or Traditional: What's Your Birthday Cake Style?
5/17/11 11:08 PM

I love that wallpaper! I want the grey version for my place.

Thought I'd give my two cents about the Eames rocker. We had one for my daughter. It was comfy to use with her. Both my husband and I liked it. And she loved it too. But your decision to go with a cosier chair will likely be better for nursing (if you choose to nurse). The Eames rocker was not uncomfortable for nursing, but it doesn't have great neck and head support. So if you find yourself looking down or struggling with latching (hopefully not!) a lot, you'll be thankful for a chair with good support.

Congratulations on the room, but more importantly, the baby!

Dot, Dot, Dash
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #28

5/17/11 10:50 PM

I like the third mock-up.

Should I Paint My Bedroom Walls?
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5/9/11 02:39 PM

I think this safety advice is really important. We started off well, but our car has become a serious junk box since having a kid. We recently went through all of the toys that had managed to make their way into our car and brought all the hard ones back into the house. It's often the small toys that we're inclined to let our daughter bring into the car, and they're usually the worst choices as they're most often hard.

When we had our first car seat installed at the local police station, they also gave us the advice to not use the sun shade on the car seat while in the car, and to avoid using any sun blockers on the windows that have hard components (usually they stick on by suction cups). If sun blocking is necessary, they recommended the films you can get that stick on by static charge.

Toys And Car Safety
4/20/11 03:59 PM


Plastic Hamper Makeover: From Cheap to Chic
4/15/11 12:22 PM

This solution only works when not in use. And it actually kinda promotes getting close to the fire place. I think it looks like fun. But I wouldn't necessarily see this as a great safety measure.

Before & After: A Stylish Babyproof Fireplace
4/15/11 12:21 PM

So happy that AT finally has a garden column. I'd love to see great, inspirational images. I have an inspiration file for both indoors and out, and I'd love to have more to add to my landscape file as we think about moving ahead with actual plans to get something done (woohoo!). It would be great if the column focused a lot on great garden/landscape design.

I'd also love to hear information about different materials for hardscaping as someone else mentioned. Best ways to manage rain barrels. Organic gardening and how to know if soil is safe for planting food.

I really hope the column doesn't turn into a shopping column with articles like "10 best watering cans."

I also agree with Jenn Zynn. Seeing images of a vast array of spaces will be most interesting and inspirational. So it would be great if the content wasn't limited because many readers only have balconies, or very small garden spaces (like me).

Garden Design Comes to Apartment Therapy
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3/24/11 09:17 AM

I agree with the suggestion to use white, and I like the editor's suggestion to think of lavender. However, I wouldn't go vivid and strong, I'd go soft. A soft lavender or periwinkle colour would look really nice with a deep, rich colour like the one you've used. A soft robin's egg blue could also work really well. I personally think robin's egg blue is a feminine colour, but I understand that it may not be girly enough.

Congratulations, by the way!

How To Make This Paint Color Work in a Girl's Room
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2/14/11 03:03 PM

I think it's a bit odd to have a second shower too. But it may be that your friend's family or whoever is hosting the shower wants to have one for her. No matter how much of a fuss I kicked up, my family insisted on a bridal shower (I insisted it be family-only), a baby shower, and a second baby shower for number two. I wasn't informed of the second shower until the invites went out. I think they knew I'd argue against it! The second one was after the baby was born, and was family-only. It gave all of my aunts (I have a few!) a chance to meet the baby. I was given mostly clothing, and I know that if a shower wasn't held, my aunts would've given me gifts anyway.

The diaper request is a pretty good idea for a second shower actually. They probably have everything else they need. It gives them something practical, and it's not a huge amount of money to bring a pack of diapers.

My advice would be to go, support your friend, and have fun. Or give a reason you can't attend, and congratulate your friend/celebrate her new baby in whatever way you'd prefer to at a different time.

Gift Etiquette and Moral Dilemmas
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2/4/11 02:36 PM

I love these. Our daughter got three of them in her stocking from Santa. They're hanging above her bed. She loves them!

eeBoo Floating Bird Decoration
1/27/11 05:46 PM

This is so nice! I like that it looks like a child lives there, but it's not childish.

My Room: Mirabelle Rose
Portland, OR

1/21/11 05:25 PM

We cloth diapered with our first and had a big pail with a filter. I used a diaper service (highly recommend it), and the bag went out once a week. In retrospect it would've been nice to have a pail with a foot-activated lid. Now that she's really only wearing diapers at night, they're disposables, and I have a Dekor. I love that I can use my foot to open it. My sister had one and recommended it. She said it doesn't stink at all. Well, she has a newborn, and I have a toddler. So I will say, once you have a kid eating real food, when the trap door is open the thing stinks! But it's a nice size, keeps her hands out, and is inoffensive looking. So I'm glad I have it. I don't think it would've been big enough for a week's worth of cloth diapers. But disposables shouldn't be a problem.

That said, it sounds like you don't really need anything fancy. If you can keep on top of the diapers daily, any old garbage can will do.

Do I Need a Diaper Pail?
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12/28/10 08:29 PM

We started making cream of wheat with egg and vanilla after seeing a post on the Kitchn part of the site:

It is so delicious on its own. It's my daughter's favourite. But what's great is each person eating can customize it. I've put a small amount of chocolate chips in my daughter's, my husband likes maple syrup. My favourite is fruit (either fresh or as a sauce made from frozen...strawberries that way are amazing!) on top.

I'm going to add cocoa powder to the list of possibilities now. I'm sure my daughter will love it!

Hot Cocoa Cream of Wheat
12/10/10 12:13 PM

Our daughter chose from some animals through Plan Canada. She enjoyed looking at the animals and hearing the descriptions of how they'd help the family that receives them. And in the end, she went with rabbits. Because she picked the animals to send, we didn't really need to have a card sent to her saying we'd donated in her name. But we chose to anyway. She's only 2.5 years. Although the card hasn't arrived yet, we think it will be a good opportunity to remind her of the rabbits she picked and talk again about what the season of giving means. Just to reinforce it.

Charitable Giving For Kids
12/9/10 01:48 PM

Ooops. I meant I couldn't justify the price.

Play Kitchens for Any Budget
12/7/10 03:05 PM

I wanted the Plan Toys one so badly. I love the way it looks and I especially loved the small footprint. Our house is little, so it would've been a good fit. But, I could justify the price. We got the one from Ikea without the upper cabinet, and it has held up well, it's not garish, and our daughter continues to play with it almost daily. She usually plays with it when we're making dinner.

I hear there are some play kitchen-related toys on the way this Christmas. Both family and friends have hinted about food and accessories. So I'm thinking I may just need to buy the upper cabinet. Seems crazy to me that my daughter's play kitchen may be getting a renovation!

That first one by Hape is pretty cute.

Play Kitchens for Any Budget
12/7/10 03:05 PM