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I have two girls, four years and two years, who share a room. It was tough figuring out the sleeping at first but we have it down now. They both go to sleep at 7:30 and fall asleep easily in the same room. When the two-year-old was younger, I put her to sleep first and read stories to my older one in our room. When they were both napping, I had my older one nap in her room and the younger one nap in a pack 'n play in another room. Even now, that my older one doesn't nap, the younger one will still sometimes nap in the pack 'n play because the older one likes to play in her room. I have a feeling the two-year-old wakes up my four-year-old every morning and that bothers me. She seems really tired during the day without her nap. But, she might wake her up if their rooms were next to each other anyway!

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5/27/11 01:25 PM

Gorgeous! Very impressed!

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5/2/11 04:11 PM

I agree! You're funny, catspajamas!

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