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Our local library has a section that has books for sale that are no more than $2.00 for the hard-cover books. I have purchased some Wonderful Art books by artists I admire. Then I cut out the pictures I like and block and frame them. When folks come to visit they always ask where I get these wonderful "Works of Art", and when I tell them the place and cost, they can't believe it!! Also, with this method I can change the artists with my mood since my supply is almost unlimited and CHEAP!!

Counting Pennies? Tips & Tricks for Creating a Gorgeous Home Anyway
2/14/12 05:40 PM

I didn't get a chance to download the mini book at the time I entered the I have to re-enter the contest and have you negate the second entry so I'm still eligible?
Please advise as to what I should do.
Thank you!

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