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Wow, I would never ask anyone to take their shoes off (unless they were obviously muddy, because I don't want to sweep/vacuum immediately). If I went down that path, I might as well put plastic covers on the upholstered pieces and maybe a drain in the floors so I could hose them down after the unwashed masses leave the party. What's a little dirt? I bet we get no more communicable illnesses due to wearing shoes in the house as those who require no shoes. What if someone defecates in your toilet and flushes? The aerosol spray from that is pretty potent. Gah, you can go down a slippery slope with the fear of germs.

Etiquette at Home: Solutions to The Great Shoe Debate
10/23/11 07:11 PM

I use the Pledge Fabric Sweeper and it does a pretty good job. I was leery because I didn't want to buy and toss the darn thing every time I used it, but you can pop the top off, ever so gently, and use it again and again. Now to get a spinning wheel and make yarn out of all that fur...

Cat Vs. Couch: Who Wins the Shedding Wars in Your House?
6/21/11 04:49 PM

My next door neighbor's yard looks like a cheap Mexican pottery yard exploded. Then there are the holidays, sigh. I'm all for creativity, but lining your walkway with 25 cheap pinwheels isn't it.

There's Always One Crazy House On The Block
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6/10/11 05:20 PM