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Paul's Mid-Century Modern Design Developed Over Time
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6/30/11 05:39 PM

I just bought this rug from Crate & Barrel for my bedroom, and I'm really happy with it. It's got a shag look to it, but because it's made of jersey it doesn't shed. And, it feels nice on the feet. Plus, it's relatively inexpensive. The grey or white might work well in your apartment.

Rug Suggestions To Compliment Living Room Furniture?
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6/22/11 06:09 PM

I wanted to love it, but I found their arrogant personalities so repulsive.

Are You Watching Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo?
6/2/11 06:53 PM

Yes, this store is beautiful but REALLY overpriced. I prefer Past Perfect (on Union and on Lombard) for my mid-century furniture shopping--great finds for more reasonable prices.

Monument: Vintage Furniture & Decor
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5/3/11 05:32 PM

I wish I lived in this house!

Home Renovation by Cary Bernstein

3/18/11 12:49 PM

My husband snores to a level where I can hear him through earplugs, so we sleep in separate bedrooms. It's not how I imagined married life to be, but I have to say that it really works for us. Let's face it. . . being irritated with your partner in the middle of the night, and being sleep deprived, are not good for a relationship.

Sleeping Style: Twin Beds
3/3/11 03:51 PM

I love the look of white Eames or Bertoia chairs with a reclaimed wood table. Years ago I bought 4 white Bertoia chairs on Ebay for $40 each. Maybe you could find a deal like that. I also think the CB2 pony chair (it's a cantilevered chair) would look great--and it's comfortable.

Chairs to Complement My Dining Table?
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12/17/10 02:18 PM

I agree with everyone about sticking to white tile. Ann Sacks has a variety of skinny/mini subway tiles, as well as hexagon shapes. I used the 1x2 tiles for my back splash and it looked great. Like you, I have white cabinets and a black (soapstone in my case) countertop. Here's a link to the Ann Sacks tiles:

Backsplash Suggestions for Kitchen Renovation?
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12/16/10 02:12 PM

Definitely keep an eye on furniture and rugs for sale on Craigslist. Here in San Francisco you can find some great pieces, though I'm not sure if that's the case in Chicago. In addition to Ikea, another store with cool inexpensive furniture and accessories is CB2.

As for the issue with differing tastes. . . I feel your pain! I had the same issue with my now husband when we moved in together. It may take some time, but try to find styles that you both like and start there. I introduced my husband to the wonderful world of mid-century furniture and now he loves it. Prior to our moving in together, everything he owned was brown and red from Pottery Barn.

Where to Start to Make New Place More Homey?
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12/3/10 07:05 PM

My advice would be to take the larger unit and invest in some great lighting and other decor. Renting from a friend could be an issue, but it sounds like you've worked that out? I guess another obvious question is whether you've also looked at other apartment options--maybe you can find something else that you like even better than either of these two apartments.

Smaller Unit with View VS. Larger Garden Unit?
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12/1/10 01:17 PM

I just bought a bunch of frames at Photograph and Frame on Chestnut street. They have so many styles of frames and pre-cut mats. My suggestion would be to bring everything you want to frame to the store and let the salesperson help you. That's what I did and I was very happy with the results!You could either frame everything with pre-fab materials (which is the most cost effective way to go) or have them custom frame your pieces.

Guidelines & Advice for Successful Framing?
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11/24/10 07:00 PM