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I had the same thought as JackieBee, how is freezing going to remove dirt/debris from the jeans? Is it supposed to just flake off when frozen? Well, I only keep ice and some liquor in my freezer, so at least there's room to try this method out...

How To Start a Fire (& Other Helpful Tips) Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
6/9/13 10:39 AM

Maybe my favorite in the contest. Love it!

Cristian's Well Defined Spaces Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 07:53 PM

The phrase "cute as a button" comes to mind. I just love it!

Katie's Eccentric Charm Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 09:01 PM

Oh I am so jealous of your outdoor space! What a lovely place.

Mallory's Icing on the Cake Small Cool Contest
5/12/13 05:43 PM

That Prince Charles painting ROCKS! Wish I had one too! You've done a really cool job with the place.

Tom and Josh's Panoramic View
4/27/11 05:42 PM

You have a very good sense of style!

Brandy's History and Mystery
4/26/11 08:19 PM

I plan on painting my bathroom similar to the second to last picture, where nearly everything else is white and only a wall or two is painted in stripes. I love black & white stripes!

Black & White Stripes In Small Bathrooms
4/6/11 02:33 PM

A little too bland for me on the interior. But I ADORE the rooftop garden!

Veronica's Light, Bright & Cheery Corner of the Sky
House Tour

3/29/11 03:23 PM

Forgot the link to the striped Ikea rug:

Suggestions For Inexpensive Area Rug?
Good Question

2/3/11 01:35 PM

This $179 black and white striped Ikea rug would make the room look a bit more modern. Not sure if you'd want that, though. I have had it for 6 months and absolutely love it! Not to mention all the complements that I get about it.

Suggestions For Inexpensive Area Rug?
Good Question

2/3/11 01:35 PM

wait, wait, wait...these are all rooms in the SAME house?! geez.

Lisa's Large-Scale Project
House Call

1/25/11 01:43 PM

Oh my goodness! I LOVE your place! SO Jealous! Who cares about the TV. I just want to curl up with a great book and a cup of tea!

Calculating Optimum Distance from Sofa to TV
1/4/11 07:59 PM