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It's so nice to see you post something a little different for a change. I feel like lately, every tour I view is incorporating the same trendy artwork and furniture and on and on...
This apartment is really honestly different, and I found it really refreshing. I want to see more tours like this.

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/4/14 02:59 PM

Am I the only person who finds posts like this annoying? You want me to sympathize with you because you can't decide on a couch and have to look at something beige and old in the meantime? What kind of conversation starter is that? This post would have been far more interesting to read if you found solutions to your problem and posted the ideas you came up with in conjunction with the issue itself. Then, (and ONLY then) would you ask people for their suggestions in the comments. I mean, seriously, this is the kind of writing I would expect from a Facebook post surveying your friends, not a design page like Apartment Therapy. Maybe it's just me...the other commenters seem to have responded much more positively.

Since I'm here, however, I'll offer more than just my critical opinion. New foam in a couch is pricey, but worth it if you really love your couch. Think $200-300 for good stuff. I had mine done last summer because it was a velvet gold vintage steal I found on Craigslist for $20 that would go for $400 or more in a local vintage shop. I have no regrets because I love that couch and plan to keep it for a very long time.

For what it will cost to reupholster, you may as well just buy a brand new sofa - unless your couch happens to be particularly awesome with really good bones. It sounds like you need foam and upholstery, which is going to cost you a lot. Don't bother. Unless you're holding out for a certain vintage style that you can't find in stores anymore, skip Craigslist and just go pick something new/colorful/different at a store known for making high quality pieces. That way you know you'll have something that'll last.

On Patience & Waiting for the Perfect Piece
9/13/13 02:34 PM

When I think of snowballs, I think of cakes coated in frosting and coconut. These have always been Russian Tea Cakes in my family. I think it conjures a really elegant image of them being served on ornate, gold embellished china.

The Wikipedia article on Russian Tea Cakes has some interesting information about the cookie's origins. Calling them Snow Balls is apparently common, but they are technically not the same as Mexican Wedding Cakes, although very similar. Mexican Wedding Cakes include anise, while these do not.

Santa's Cookie Recipe: Holiday Snowballs
12/10/12 02:37 PM

One other thought...if turned on its side, you could add a few shelves that would act as dividers if you ever wanted to use it for storage later. But upright it could be used as an end table that opens to reveal a bookshelf or a mini-bar.

DIY Use For Inherited Trunk?
Good Questions

9/15/11 01:11 PM

Do you have the space and a need for a blanket trunk in your bedroom? I think it would look nice at the end of a bed.

DIY Use For Inherited Trunk?
Good Questions

9/15/11 01:05 PM