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I just bought a townhome that has this in the master bath. I thought it was a little strange at first but I love it now that I am living there.

Bathroom Trend: A Tub Inside The Shower
2/12/14 03:57 PM

I don't know of any specific cookbooks either but I have two recipes that I like a lot:

Can You Recommend a Good Quinoa Cookbook? Good Questions
5/22/13 10:14 AM

I have multiples of a lot of things in the kitchen. I think it's a sickness!

The Wisdom of Owning More Than One Set of Measuring Cups and Spoons
2/11/13 11:45 AM

My favorite variation is a little boozy and everyone loves it: Pumpkin Butterscotch Pie:

What Are Some Fun Variations on Traditional Pumpkin Pie? Good Questions
11/19/12 08:38 AM

When I was growing up, my dad would make us something called chocolate toast. It is a similar concept to cinnamon toast but you mix the sugar with cocoa powder. It's more dessert like than breakfast so we loved it! :)

Because We Can! 5 Ways to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast
11/15/12 02:46 PM

I add it to my chili as a thickener and to give it some flavor.

For Corn Tortillas to Tamales: Masa Harina Ingredient Spotlight
8/29/12 10:35 AM

We have one that occurs on a Wednesday in downtown Houston. I often go over at lunch to pick up some produce and get a really yummy meal.

In Praise of the Mid-Week Farmers' Market
7/12/12 02:53 PM

Garlic gets used the most but I couldn't live without cumin either.

What Is the One Spice You Just Can't Live Without?
5/1/12 09:06 AM

The only one I have memorized from that top list is Marcella Hazan's Amazing 4-Ingredient Tomato Sauce. It is my go to dish when I want a good meal during the week but don't want a lot of hassle. Not on the list is salsa. I have both a green and a red salsa that I know by heart.

12 Recipes to Know By Heart
2/8/12 12:50 PM

I'm the odd person that is able to go cold turkey without any major side effects and I did late last year. I found that what I really wanted in the morning was something hot to drink so I substituted non-caffeinated herbal teas.

Going Caffeine-Free: What Are Your Best Tips for Kicking a Coffee Habit?
2/2/12 11:50 AM

I prefer my pancakes with butter only. I'll eat them with syrup occasionally though but it's room temp not cold or hot.

I eat most leftovers cold and I like them just as well cold as reheated.

I also found after I started cycling that I really love the combination of bananas and oreos washed down with red gatorade.

Why Everyone Thinks I Eat My Pancakes Weird
11/28/11 08:19 PM

The only cookies we ever made during the holidays were sugar cookies that we decorated as kids. I associate Christmas with homemade candy and quick breads

Holiday Cookie Platter: What Are Your Must-Have Cookies?
11/28/11 01:26 PM

Grilled pimento cheese? Brilliant! Must try soon.

Grilled Cheese: 14 Recipes and Tips for Soup's Best Friend
10/27/11 01:51 PM

I'm not sure that I would consider chili a soup however if given a choice I would choose my homemade chili over any soup.

Chili...or Chicken Noodle: What's Your Favorite Soup?
10/25/11 09:48 AM

1. Garlic
2. Cheese
3. Butter

Fill in the Blank: A Little More ____ Never Hurt!
10/10/11 08:28 PM

I use mine to make a big batch of chicken and dumplings. Yummy!

What Else Can I Do With My Big 12-Quart Stock Pot?
Good Questions

10/5/11 03:52 PM

There is a restaurant call Zelko Bistro in Houston that uses Cap'n Crunch to coat fried chicken before frying. It's fantastic!

What Can I Do with Leftover Stale Cereal?
Good Questions

9/2/11 04:18 PM

Other suggestions are to fill up as many containers of water that you can find. The water may not be safe to drink. Stock up on canned food but make sure you have a can opener that doesn't require electricity. Pack your freezers as tight as you can. It will stay frozen longer if it's full rather than partially empty.

Cooking in a Hurricane? 5 Tips for Staying Safe & Well-Fed
8/26/11 03:31 PM

I can't comment on the oven since mine is electric. My stovetop is gas and during Hurricane Ike, I could use the stovetop but I had to light it with a lighter. Apparently the starter thingy is electric because it didn't work until the electricity came back on.

Not necessarily all food related but this was my list of the 25 things I learned from Hurricane Ike 3 years ago:

Cooking in a Hurricane? 5 Tips for Staying Safe & Well-Fed
8/26/11 03:27 PM

Neat is the only way to go!

Straight Up, No Ice: 4 Steps to Drinking Whiskey Neat
5/25/11 11:01 PM