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This is a tough one for us. Our front door opens into a hallway where there's really no space for a table, and the landlord won't allow nails or screws to be used in the hallway (one of his many kooky restrictions). My boyfriend and I usually end up flinging things on the guest room bed, as it's the nearest flat surface. Maybe a little table in the guest room would help, since we can't fit one in the entryway.

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1/14/14 04:33 PM

I love pumpkin and pumpkin spice. I find Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte way too sweet, though. It's a drink for someone who doesn't like coffee, I guess. I like putting a bit of pumpkin pie spice in with my coffee grounds at home.

The Inescapable (and Mostly Pretty Awful) Pumpkin Spice Trend
10/24/12 12:01 PM

I'm right handed, and I keep the fork in my right hand the whole time and cut with my left. That's what's most comfortable for me. I guess I'm not very sophisticated.

Using Your Knife and Fork: The American Way vs. the European Way
2/17/12 10:12 AM

Last year, I made vanilla extract as a gift. It's really easy to do: slit open vanilla beans, put them in a jar, immerse them in vodka, and shake every few days. If you want to have it ready by Christmas, you'll have to start ASAP, though.

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11/7/11 09:56 AM

Made this last night--so good! I added a teaspoon of vanilla and sprinkled vanilla sugar on top because I am a vanilla fiend.

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6/28/11 10:23 AM

I have a real mix of things that I saved up for and things I got for nothing.

My most expensive purchase was a $1500 mattress. I saved up for it for months. It's the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on, and I don't regret the money at all. My other big purchase was $1100 for four curtain panels--but we don't have a lot of art, and they are gorgeous and make our living room a much happier place.

On the other hand, we inherited our couch and dining room furniture, and my dresser is from Ikea.

I'd like to gradually replace my cheaper and/or less-loved pieces with quality things, and I don't mind paying for them, but that means saving up. I'm young and I don't make that much money, so it's going to be a long process.

What We Spend on Furniture
6/16/11 01:48 PM

I kind of did this out of necessity. My landlord said we couldn't move in unless 80% of the floor was covered with rugs, and I had barely any furniture to begin with. I picked a big, colorful rug from Anthropologie because it was on sale and I knew that with their good customer service, it would arrive in time for me to move in. We inherited a black leather couch from family members and picked up the green in the rug in our curtains. Kind of haphazard, but it worked for us.

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6/10/11 12:42 PM