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This is soooo cooool! I need one!

Real World In-Home Super Slide
Decor Allure

1/12/11 03:50 PM

I found some good ones at rite aid after they took down there christmas tree display. We just gave them a lite sanding and they worked fine.

A Wood Pallet Reading Nook
Kojo Designs

1/6/11 01:58 PM

Wow! So sweet, I love the dresser.

My Room: Marlowe & Brigid
Lake Worth, FL

1/2/11 05:18 PM

I just made a few felt doughnuts for this christmas. www.mischeifandmayhem/
Thank you so much for posting all of these ideas!

How To Make Felt Food: Our Gigantic List of Tutorials
12/21/10 12:43 AM

We have the majority of them in a guest room at a friends house but we built some things and there behind plastic wrap in the garage. I have a giant box on top of the printer next to our computer full of gifts for my 10 yo. Im sure he just thinks its papers and wont look there. I also have a few things I was hiding in my closet but was worried they would be found so now there in the shower stall in my bathroom. Non of my boys ever go in there.

Where Do You Hide Your Holiday Presents?
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12/17/10 12:43 PM