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Beautiful backyard, and a really hilarious write-up to boot. I laughed out loud a couple times - great that you can look back on the long haul with a wry sense of humor about it. It looks like it was worth it! :)

Jane and Justin's Backyard Before & After My Great Outdoors
6/8/12 12:59 PM

I had no idea this was a thing! But then again, my husband and I rarely fight about anything. We don't really have arguments. Misunderstandings, perhaps? But we talk it out.

If we don't agree on something at Ikea, then it's kind of a, "Whatever, no big deal" kind of thing. He doesn't think we need another vase? Okay, that's fine, I can see the logic in that. I don't like the style of that lamp? We'll look to see if we can find one that we both like, and if we don't, then we won't get one today or we'll look somewhere else.

We also love assembling furniture together. Different styles for different folks!

IKEA Meltdowns: Do They Happen To You?
4/17/12 02:55 PM

I may not be a kid, but I love those Star Wars prints.

Minimalist Prints for Kids: Trendy or Tired?
3/15/12 08:28 PM

I have the Petrie sofa in the grey color and love it! They also spray it with a stain-resistant fabric guard, which is great if you know me and my penchant for spilling things. ;) We got it during a sale, too, so it ended up being only about $1300. It's our living room "investment piece", to be sure.

We also have an arc lamp, but not the Arco one. Ours is CB2 and was around $200.

I think the great thing about this selection is that it's fairly easy to replicate this look even if you don't have the $$$ to buy an Arco or Saarinen piece. These classic, modern lines can be replicated with more inexpensive choices for the same visual impact.

In my own home, I think we ended up accomplishing a very similar look for about $2000. Still a pretty penny (and could be done for cheaper, to be sure, particularly if you can find a vintage couch), but much cheaper than buying the designer pieces. Some examples of low-end ways to accomplish the same looks:

Tulip table from Ikea:

Mid-century modern sofa from Ikea :

Arc lamp from CB2 or Crate and Barrel: or

Parsons-style desk from Cost Plus World Market (we got this desk and purchased a custom cut piece of glass for about $60 to protect the top and make it look more expensive than it is):

Singing Praise: The 4 Pieces I Love at Home
3/13/12 06:08 PM

If you don't want to worry about wiring something, this is the solution we've added to our outlets:

You unscrew the screw from your current outlet cover, and screw this in, instead. (You don't actually remove the faceplate, just the screw) Surge protection AND USB charging for your devices, and no wiring required!

How To: Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality
2/13/12 05:02 PM

I love the neon pink table. That tray in the last photo is also fantastic. Anyone have a source for that? I'd *love* a highlighter-colored tray to call my own! :)

Neon: Back in a Big Way
1/30/12 07:49 PM

@Tonia: You're allowed to say you don't like it just like anyone else - however, there's a difference between saying it's not your cup of tea and flat-out rude.

I didn't see the original comment so I have no idea which category it fell into. I think *constructive* criticism is the watchword here.


Now, to address the post, personally I think the painted wood is beautiful, bright, and refreshing. Kudos to Tanya!

Before & After: A Fireplace Transformation
1/13/12 04:59 PM

I love the pendant lamp above the dining table, and the book storage!

Tiffany, are those wine crates? Or what do you have the books stored in?

You've inspired me. I never feel like I have enough room for all my books, but now I think I can find a way to cram them all in, somehow...

Tiffany's Tiny San Francisco Studio for Two
House Call

1/3/12 09:58 PM


Have children just to have a cleaner home? Thanks, but I think I'll pass. ;)

5 Slacker Friendly New Year's Resolutions
1/3/12 09:51 PM

I want to know where those cute straws came from! :)

Party Guide: Stylish & Inexpensive Glassware
12/9/11 03:26 PM

Gorgeous! I love the interplay of textures. That kitchen is phenomenal.

Toby & Samy's Mid-Century Makeover
House Tour

12/5/11 03:11 PM

It says that he "[specializes] in hand crafted models, set design and art direction" but that chicken and woodblock iPod are, I am almost positive, 3D renders. You can tell by how perfect the lighting, shadows, and background are.

Editorial mistake?

A Look at Artist & Designer Kyle Bean
11/21/11 06:13 PM

Aha, the tree is a wall decal -- sold on Etsy by this seller:

Carrol & Paige's "Classic Gray and Yellow" Room
11/16/11 12:14 PM

Beautiful! I have a grey and yellow theme going on in my bedroom right now, thanks to a DwellStudio bedspread from Target.

Does anyone know the source for that awesome wall mural? Is it a decal or was it actually painted on?

Carrol & Paige's "Classic Gray and Yellow" Room
11/15/11 09:26 PM

I love Jan Skácelík's art. I ordered all of his Star Wars posters and just ordered a typewriter poster as well. :)

Gift Guide: Art Prints for Type Lovers
11/8/11 05:46 PM

It's not quite the same, but I bet this DIY pintucked cover (was this posted on here a while back?) could be modified to look like that!

Check this out:

I bet you could stitch the pintucked duvet to look like it was quilted without actually having to quilt the individual pieces. Much simpler!

How To: Make Anthropologie's Rosette Quilt
So You Think You're Crafty

11/4/11 04:57 PM

I sat on these at their Seattle store and while lightweight, they are sturdy! It certainly doesn't feel like it's going to break under you.

The backrest is a little bit flexible (like some similarly designed chairs from IKEA) but I think that enhances the comfort when you lean back.

Can West Elm's Scoop-Back Chair Owners Attest to Strudiness?
Good Questions

11/1/11 01:11 PM

I love this toolkit but with one caveat: the adhesive cable clips that are supposed to hold a cable to the wall don't ever stay stuck to the plastic part!

So I end up with a little adhesive foam rectangle stuck onto my walls. Thankfully the walls are white, but if they weren't I'd be in trouble because it's impossible to get those suckers off completely.

The Best $4.99 You'll Ever Spend At IKEA
Daily Find

10/31/11 08:05 PM

I felt super awkward about it, too. I'm not used to people buying things for me, and asking for things seemed even worse.

That is, until my mother in law pointed out to me that, "people are going to want to buy things for you because they're happy for you and want to celebrate. So you might as well help them out by letting them know what you'd like."

If you're still feeling like you don't want to ask for gifts at all, try asking for something more personal, like asking people to bring a favorite book or CD (or MP3s :).

If you don't want to aggregate more "stuff", then you could also ask that people donate money to a charity instead of buying gifts.

Making a House a Home Through a Wedding Registry
10/21/11 04:20 PM

Acrylic won't necessarily bend. You could get it custom cut to your space and use L brackets at regular intervals to support it. I would go with 1/4" thickness instead of 1/8" just to be on the safe side.

I know places like Home Depot custom cut acyrlic/plexiglass, but it may be more expensive than a local plastics company or ordering online. Shop around for a few quotes.

I agree that Lucite may unfortunately be cost prohibitive.

If you're looking for ready-made clear shelving, here are a few sources:

- The Container Store (not listed on their site, but I've seen acrylic wall shelves in store)

Lucite Office Shelf Source?
Good Questions

10/18/11 02:56 PM