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How about an L-shaped desk with file cabinets/storage shelves underneath.
Looks like lots of stuff you don't use on a weekly basis - either get rid of it, or store it away.
Delete shoe shelf - put them in your bedroom closet.
That wall next to the door with paneling, can accommodate shelving up to the ceiling.
Go to Ikea and get nice looking boxes, magazine holders, and baskets for all your junk. Color code them per project - Sewing = yellow, Office = red, etc.

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5/5/08 10:28 AM

My second bedroom needs to work as an office AND a guest bedroom but its very very small. I can probably fit (squeeze in) a daybed AND my desk, but i have to move the chair out when the guests are in. Daybeds are the same size as a twin bed. You can put a trundle underneath, if you want to accommodate two guests. You can put a twin size cotton futons instead of mattresses. The whole kit is expensive if you purchase new, however, I have seen some great deals on craigslist - but none in the style I want. Good luck!!

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12/14/07 04:50 PM