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We recently downsized from a large (for us - 700sf) to 560sf; one thing we could not let go was a very large Noguchi floor lamp. We had to plan the new living room around it. Well worth it. If it wouldn't look really peculiar, I'd love one of these.

Apartment Therapy New York | Noguchi Museum ICFF 2009
5/18/09 04:32 PM

I'm in a somewhat different situation than most who post here, being a good deal older and not having had the joy of inheriting family furniture. We have always been grateful that Ikea let us furnish whatever grad student, and then starving itinerant art history professor digs we happened to land in. It's surprising how well some of the older (10 years) bits and pieces have worn. I have a quantity of galvanized storage boxes that still look great some 15 years later.

Right now,I look around our tiny but beloved apartment and see a Billy bookcase painted at least 3 times holding up our tv. It still looks fine, even with the swanky Paulistano armchairs we saved for what seemed like forever for. We recently got some red-stained pine Linnarp glass-fronted bookcases to store our ginormous collection of books, and we love them, and get admiring comments on them frequently.

Our kitchen is full of Ikea. Cooking utensils, cutting boards, shelving, hooks, etc., etc.

As so many others have noted, it's the quality of a piece that's important, not the name.

Apartment Therapy New York | Is Your Home an IKEA Catalog?
4/30/09 02:13 AM

This is such a timely post, as I have been mulling over the idea of hanging a great many photos/art/objects over our bed for months. Don't have everything framed yet ($$ reasons, mostly), but AT has given me some ideas with which to start making the idea a tangible project. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy DC | Grouping a Large Collection of Pictures
4/22/09 05:51 PM

We use my grandmother's sterling flatware every day. It's a very simple pattern and it looks great with everything else we have. We have few dinner parties, and I just hate the idea of using it only during the holidays. Instead, we get to enjoy it at every meal. What a pleasure!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Using Family Heirlooms In Your Daily Life
4/7/09 08:00 PM

When we finally replaced our motley collection of this-and-that dishes, we went with Ittala's Teema in white combined with their Bottna pattern -- a black-line leaf design. We love the randomness of not knowing which we'll get when we pull one off the shelf. Plus, they are as hard-wearing as anyone could wish for.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sources for White China
3/4/09 06:02 PM

We used a FLOR Hopskotch area rug to liven up our long hallway. Everyone loves it, and even though our kid is long gone to his own space, it's good for rainy day entertainment as well.

Dang. I just checked the FLOR website and it looks like Hopskotch has been discontinued. We just got ours about a month ago. Guess we were lucky....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: What To Do With A Really Long Hall?
7/9/08 10:54 AM

For some reason, our R and B Parsons bed/mattress combo is unusually tall, and we couldn't find bedside tables that were both tall enough and and not ugly. We finally got two Helmers that we LOVE; they look cool and work better than any other bed tables we've had. Of course, I have loads of stuff I like to keep there, and all of the drawers come in very handy, and they are certainly sturdy enough for that use.

They do have label holders on the drawer fronts; we've had fun devising silly categories to put on each drawer.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best of Three: Small Metal Filing Cabinets
6/18/08 11:04 AM

Sometime during the past year (sorry for the vagueness), there were posts on a lot of the design blogs about a 'toilet paper table' -- it was very simple -- just a small wooden 'table' with a dowel extending from the middle of the top to hold about 3 toilet paper rolls. I have been trying to find it again, but have been having zero luck. Does anyone else remember this item, or have I finally lost it and imagined the whole thing?

Thanks for any clues!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Open Thread 101
3/4/08 01:04 PM

While I have never visited their shop, I can attest to their excellent mail-order services. After drooling inconveniently all over my desk every time I've been to their website, I have bought their flat-pack coffee table, paper karakuri kits for my husband, and other stuff -- shipped really quickly and with a personal flair.

Thanks for the insight into A and R's design life and double thanks to A and R for doing what they do!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Store: A R on Abbot Kinney
2/15/08 08:48 AM

We will be moving within the next month; our mantra is:

If you don't think you'll enjoy unpacking it, don't pack it.

Amazing how much stuff is going away!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Our Best Moving Tips
2/7/08 11:42 AM

While we sleep in a close approximation of a combination of "C" and "H", we can only do so because we do not share covers. He is a cocoon, I'm a feet-need-to-feel-free kinda person. Different weights of comforters save us from twin beds.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What's Your Sleeping Style?
2/6/08 10:28 AM

It reminds me of those truly awful jackets and bags and anything else that could be imagined made out of patchwork leather in the late 70s.

Please make it go away?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hot or Not?
1/11/08 07:51 PM

Fetishizing the fetishized.

So brilliant!

I'm tired now.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Modernist: Furniture and Naked People
1/11/08 07:44 PM

Like so many others, I was brought up to get those sheets as taut as they could be -- hospital corners were the ONLY way.

And, like so many others, I now have a lovely duvet and my SO has his -- no wrenching covers from each other, no tedious bed-making. He wraps like King Tut, I stick my toes out when it's getting too warm. Happiness.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Making the Bed: Hospital Corners?
1/11/08 07:21 PM

We have a beautiful small Greene Greene side table that was given to us by a former landlord. It had gone through a fire and I quite successfully put off finishing my MA thesis for quite some time as the finish on the table was obviously much more important than one more stinkin' paper on JMW Turner's patrons...

We still love its sturdy delicacy -- we are moving for the first time in 11 years next month, and it's one of about 3 pieces of furniture that we're taking with us...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's Your Oldest Piece of Furniture?
1/10/08 01:36 PM

Ever since I was a kid, clocks have fascinated me. I have at least one clock in every room of the house -- bathroom included. It's not that I need them, I just love them. My SO is just about ready to put his foot down, as he is of the opposite ilk, and is not fond of clocks.

--M. Graves birdie clock in kitchen (as well as stove, coffeemaker and microwave timekeepers)
--Living room -- Small bird-chirper-chiming mantel clock, fine-art sculpture/clock -- silver construction figures on top -- 'Working Over Time"
--Bathroom clock with a fly for a second hand -- Time Files, of course.
--P. Starck atomic clock w/weather and barometric pressure, cool little Alice-in-Wonderland-y clock, SO's alarm clock.

Not counting the cuckoo clock I can't figure out where to put. And the fly-swatter clock that's put away until summer...

Love clocks.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Clocks at Home?
1/9/08 11:50 AM