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I did the same thing that KaBoomBOX did. I have ceiling to floor vertical blinds and zip-tied the curtain rod brackets onto the blind fixture on top, then placed the curtain rod across it. Worked out pretty well.

Hang Curtains without Drilling into Rental Walls?
Good Questions

12/8/11 12:51 AM

dude! that's my mannequin! or rather, we carry that at the place i work at! http://www.displayimporter.com/Head-Forms/

The Most Clever Recycled & DIY Headphone Stands
3/1/11 03:43 PM

Here's an DIY on how to make your own dress form out of duct tape.

I also run a mannequin/dress form website. I'm at DisplayImporter.com. We sell brand new dress forms for under $100.

Vintage Mannequins: Strangely Beautiful Dress Forms
12/17/10 12:46 PM