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I have 10 pounds of Barhi dates here at the moment (er, well less because I am a date-addict)
I buy them online and get them shipped.
I know of at least 2 places that sell them online. This is where I buy mine

and I saw them on

There might be other places that ship too if you google about.

They are seriously the most candy like thing to ever grow in nature. Just perfection.
If you have some with a few pecans it's like you're eating some gooey pie treat.

Also if you freeze them they get hard, but are so sugary they don't get rock hard, they instead get VERY chewy and caramels.

SO good.

We had barhi dates for second breakfast just a while ago.

Barhi Dates: The Fruit That Tastes Like Butterscotch Candy
Ingredient Spotlight

1/20/12 10:17 AM

eek...starting work with alcohol in your system, or driving on the freeway? I dunno.... Seems like more of a vacation treat kind of thing. I don't doubt the food and beer pairings are delicious. But I don't think the world needs to start getting a "morning buzz".
People have enough accidents just walking down a flight of stairs without a beer in their system.
I can just imagine parents explaining THAT to kids too.."Daddy and Mommy are having beer for breakfast...."
BUT like I said, on vacation when there are no priorities for the day, maybe not so crazy.

Beer for Breakfast: Several Surprising Pairings
The Wall Street Journal

9/12/11 08:13 AM

We use cheap, lightly serrated kitchen knives and I realize their dullness is what causes the blade to slip off the vegetable etc on occasion, BUT I am a natural clutz and have actually dropped knives on more than one occasion or done other things that have nothing to do with the blade's sharpness. So I stick with duller knives and the occasional bruise rather than getting cut etc. Works for me. My knives cost like 6 bucks for the set and I've been using them for years. :)
If I weren't occasionally clumsy I'd try sharper blades though.

Kitchen Safety: Why a Sharp Knife Leads to Fewer Injuries
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6/30/11 05:38 PM

Weirdest thing...probably the mannequin in the kitchen leaning beside the fridge. She's dressed like a cross between a Mardi Gras chick and character from Fargo. Think glittery beads and a winter hat with ear flaps. Oh, and she's legless, so she's only waist height and we have gotten so used to her I don't even really *see* her any more, til I almost knock her over getting too many things out of the fridge at once.

What's the Weirdest Thing in Your Home?
4/19/11 04:01 PM

That space is awesome.

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4/15/11 10:23 AM

Lately I like thinking of our food as nourishment for every cell of our physical being, not just our stomachs. I've taken particular delight in avoiding gluten and embracing it as a chance to try new flours, going so far as to grind our own in the blender. I like thinking about everything that just went into the cookies I made, how the ground flax seeds don't just darken and add a nutty graininess to the cookie but suddenly it's bursting with omega3, it makes the cookies seem powerful.
Lately I've been more experimental, baking without recipes, it feels daring and exciting like I'm breaking all the baking rules and yet things still work out.
The cookies weren't crisp like I half expected, they were soft and chewy like little cakes. It was an excellent opportunity to see them as a pleasant surprise instead of a mistake.
I don't mind being a little surprised by what comes out of the oven or the pot. It makes the entire cooking process a little bit like magic.

Weekend Meditation: Your Turn
3/6/11 10:43 PM

Soda Stream rocks!!! Apple juice with lemon and a wee bit of whiskey. SO SO good. The whiskey is used more like you would vanilla, a teaspoon will provide lots of flavour with out turning the mid-day soda into a cocktail...(unless you want that :D )

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2/23/11 04:58 PM