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I have this board from Crate. I LOVE IT! I need to oil it though.

End Grain Chopping Board from Crate & Barrel
5/5/14 11:59 AM

@ChristieSue24 The picture is of Monterosso Cinque Terre Italy! :) A must see! Its a beautiful place!

Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment House Tour
4/30/14 04:02 PM

A beautiful space!

And I took the same photo in Italy (hanging in the guest room) I really need to blow it up and frame it too.

Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment House Tour
4/30/14 04:00 PM

I think it looks amazing! However, I would have gone with a bigger mirror. But I'm just vain like that. lol

Before & After: A Dated Bath Gets a Facelift
4/29/14 11:11 AM

All these ideas are great! However, I would not be able to see all my clothes just hanging out there. I'm not a neat freak but I do like to put things away out of sight.

Living Without: Closets Small Space Solutions
4/28/14 04:36 PM

That color is breath taking!

Alexis' Home in the Marina House Call
4/24/14 03:02 PM

@JessicafromCapeofDreams I just spray the wall first with starch and it will stick? Do I spray the fabric after as well? Thanks!

Before & After: Boring Wall in a Rental Gets Welcome Burst of Pattern
4/24/14 02:53 PM

Love the stripes and your little cafe table!!

Great job!

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Nicole's Pretty Adorable
4/24/14 11:35 AM

I love the paint color! Gorgeous!!

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/10/14 02:58 PM

Thanks for this. It takes me forever to purchase rugs. I mull over them way to long. This gives me some guidelines to follow. :)

Color + Texture + Size: How To Choose the Right Rug, Everytime
4/2/14 02:38 PM

I think it looks great!

Before & After: A 70s Era Bar Becomes Something Surprising
3/19/14 12:09 PM

I think it looks AWESOME! Im not brave enough yet to paint furniture in such a bright color. But when I see it, it brings me one step closer! :D

Before & After: St Patrick Himself Would Be Proud of This Sideboard
3/17/14 05:40 PM

WOW this looks great! Thanks for having the guts!

Before & After: A Faux Fireplace Gets One Inexpensive and Easy Update
3/13/14 11:16 AM

I love it!!

Before & After: Gossip Bench Breakdown
3/11/14 05:14 PM

This is a good stepping stone to getting their lives back on track. I think its a great idea!

Can Tiny Houses Help Solve the Problem of Homelessness?
2/26/14 01:50 PM

LOVE THIS! Where did you get your desk? The one where you are sitting at..

Snog Productions' Magical Garden Workspace Workspace Tour
2/20/14 05:43 PM

Jebuz this is GREAT!

Before & After: Office Cabinet is All Business Up Front, Then Party in the Back
2/20/14 05:34 PM

Yea I'm confused. Please list what you do with one! :)

Dremel: An Apartment Dwelling DIYers Favorite Power Tool
2/19/14 06:10 PM

That's amazing!!! Well done!

Before & After: Creepy Metal Eyesore Gets a Second Glance
2/13/14 11:58 AM

Beautiful! Where did you get your lace curtains?

Esthera and Gus's Bohemian Abode House Tour
2/4/14 03:36 PM