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wow, all the women are working and the husbands/bfs are at home. It's been a year since my live-in bf was laid off. He's had consistent at home side jobs and out of home part time work. I love that he's cooking for me almost every night and does get a lot of work done. I'm just mostly worried about his self esteem. A job is so much more to a man. How do you encourage and support without showing your own insecurities and frustration?

Glad to know we're not alone.

Too Much Together Time? Recession Rebound | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/4/10 12:47 PM

NY always have the better stuff.

Lucite Chandelier - $200 New York Scavenger | Apartment Therapy New York
11/13/09 11:39 AM

They should've build out the desk too. It looks mismatched.
If they made the effort to do the beautiful bookcase...they should change to desk to white or grey to match.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before & After: Cate's Colorful Home Office
10/19/09 11:08 AM

What is that 3D artwork behind the piano? Looks really cool! Wonder if it's DIYable.

Apartment Therapy DC | Darryl Carter's Serene Kalorama Townhouse Elle Decor
10/8/09 09:12 AM

easy DIY

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Light Carpet
10/6/09 02:22 PM

it's a little too much...it'll be better without the fabric insert. or if the moulding is painted to the same color as the wall.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before & After: Centsational Girl's Staircase
10/6/09 02:21 PM

I didn't watch this season and I'm glad I didn't. Both designs were lacking. I agree that they do look like model homes. Very generic and look like catelog layouts. There are no creative uses of material or anything architecturally interesting.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Design Star, The Final Challenge
9/15/09 09:40 AM

Oh and the thought of eating a balut makes me wanna puke.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | 5 Exotic Foods We Want To Try (Plus 5 We Really Don't)
8/4/09 01:38 PM

I've tried 4 of the 5 "good" foods.

Durian has a very strong flavor. You either love it or hate it. I hate it. My mom used to eat it after we go to bed, so we can't smell it.

Frog legs taste like catfish to me. It's not bad.

never tried reindeer pate

Bird's nest soup is really good. It's very good for you, especially women. My mom makes a sweet soup with it.

Mangosteen is probably one of the best fruit I've ever tried. I've only had it in NY. It's sweet and very refreshing. A little like logan. I love that it's so rough outside and so delicate inside.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | 5 Exotic Foods We Want To Try (Plus 5 We Really Don't)
8/4/09 01:36 PM

i remember this from American Inventor too...they were one of the finalist.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Gladiator Claw: Bicycle Storage
6/22/09 04:32 PM

It's cool looking but I don't know how comfortable it would be. It might feel like there's always something crawling around.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Selgas Cano Architecture Offices
5/8/09 01:31 PM

That Salad Table is really cool..and you can adjust to whatever size you need. I'm thinking an L-shape for my balcony would be really cool.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Small Space Raised Garden
4/28/09 09:12 AM

wow...mariob_1998, the couch looks great! Was the couch white before? Nice job...i never would've thought that would work.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Would You Ever Paint Your Fabric Furniture?
4/15/09 03:25 PM

such a simple concept yet so great

Apartment Therapy New York | Colorful Japanese Masking Tape Arrives Stateside
4/15/09 03:16 PM

I was just about to renew my subscription. I really liked them. I loved those sticker tabs. I didn't know O at Home is gone too.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Breaking News: Domino Magazine is Closing
1/28/09 02:19 PM

I like the daybed, but I would paint the legs.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ikea PS Collection Preview
1/15/09 02:09 PM

It looks so complicated but it's so easy. I have to try it.

Apartment Therapy Boston | How To: Add Texture to Your Plain Pillows
1/15/09 02:04 PM

That's absolutely amazing.

Apartment Therapy New York | Domestic Transformer: Accordian Apartment in Hong Kong The New York Times 1.15.09
1/15/09 11:50 AM

anything like this in Chicago???

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Auction Photo Tour: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
1/14/09 09:25 AM

this is absolutely amazing

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Gallery: Yuken Teruya
12/19/08 02:47 PM