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Beautiful house, but the article is in need of editing:

"...more than its physical position in the house," not "it's physical position..."

"her clients' spaces" not "her clients spaces" and so on.

Sorry. These things matter.

Caroline & Sebastian's Bohemian Fairytale House Tour
8/8/13 04:16 PM

Lovely place, but I couldn't find the Royal Orchid paint color. Perhaps it's not Behr? Or it has a different name? I'd very much like to know.

Alex’s Cozy Garden Apartment in Brooklyn House Tour
5/16/13 06:36 PM

@ gatineauhills: This is the best post ever! I kept imagining it, seeing it like a short, demented movie, and couldn't stop laughing! Well done!

5 Tips to Make Your House Appear Cleaner Than It Is
11/21/12 12:09 PM

So any sign of a sense of humor (cupcake pillows, sheep ottoman, etc.) is "gross" and belongs in a child's bedroom? So that's why I've seen so many dull, humorless, "serious" homes. All the good stuff was in the children's rooms...

Great house!

Tami & Chase's Schindler Rental House Tour
11/18/12 12:41 AM

Excellent colors. Great sense of humor. Who's the artist who did the Malkovich portrait/print?

Syd + Eric's "Dia de los Malkovich" Room Room for Color Contest
10/17/12 11:32 AM

This is amazing. I'd like a house tour.

Jane's "Comic Strip" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 05:04 PM

Yes! Let's profit from our neighbors' functional illiteracy and hope that their grandparents (who could probably spell) left them some great pieces of furniture.

Online Shopping Tip: Misspelled Searches
8/2/12 10:25 AM

The muted colors are great, but I find the giant letters oppressing.

A Monochromatic Room for Siblings My Room
8/2/12 09:31 AM

Lovely, lovely home. Why ask people to change things in their homes because we (who don't live there) don't agree with them? I've never understood that.

Mike's New + Thrifted Style Mix House Tour
7/17/12 01:45 PM

AT, I love you, but careful with that apostrophe (see "the Novogratz's" and "readers' ")...

We Want A Few Good Readers!
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

6/8/12 12:37 PM

He should have won.

Michael Moeller's Bachelor Pad Project in the Sky House Tour
5/17/12 04:31 PM

Bower Power is a mommy blog. Nothing wrong with it, but it shouldn't have won in the design category.

Best Home Design Blog
The Homies 2012

3/10/12 08:53 AM